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The Cosmos Calm Down the Chaos

Astrology brings relief to these troubling times

From the intense revolts in the Middle East to the devastating disasters rocking Japan, 2011 is not off to a great start. Throw in an ongoing war and an economy that's been overwhelming our lives with turmoil for over three years now, and we're all desperately asking: can't we just catch a break?

Lucky for us, there are some optimistic astrological forces coming up that offer stabilizing energy and strong sparks of hope. That's right: relief is in sight!

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron is a celestial body that is known for its healing properties. Chiron moved into sympathetic Pisces on Feb. 8 of this year, putting compassion at the very forefront. Chiron in Pisces urges us to do our part to reduce the overall suffering that's occurring across the globe, and reminds us that we can put our problems into perspective by realizing that we are not the only ones experiencing troubling times.

Spring Equinox

A sign of new beginnings, the Spring Equinox hits on March 20, bringing revitalized energy and a fresh start -- it is, after all, the beginning of a new astrological year. This equinox enables us to mentally put the problems of the past behind us and look forward with renewed hope.

Venus in Pisces

As vivacious Venus moves through sweet Pisces starting March 27, we are encouraged to enjoy a more lighthearted side of life. This is a time to focus on the good things that are happening around us -- things like love, art, dreams and gentle relationships. Venus in Pisces supports unconditional love; love that transcends the negative aspects of our lives and asks us to look toward our experiences in a positive light.

Neptune in Pisces

One of the most impactful transits at this time, Neptune in Pisces represents the idea that we are all one. When this utopian planet moves into its home sign on April 4, our understanding of others becomes not just an idealistic whim, but a force we are able to put into action. This is a time to dissolve the boundaries between individuals, nations and ideals and meld into one all-encompassing legion of humanity.

Sun in Taurus

When the life force of the Sun moves into stable Taurus on April 20, we can plant our feet firmly on the ground. The forces of change take a backseat as we become more interested in holding steady. This strong Taurean energy brings comfort with who we are, where we are and what we're doing.

Jupiter in Taurus

Come June 4, a significant transit brings a surge of stability to our lives. This is when spirited Jupiter moves into practical Taurus, providing us with a sound mindset and endurance to see our problems through to the end. It's crucial that we remain open to the opportunities in front of us now, as Taurus prefers to stay where it's planted. If we remain open-minded, we can find security where we are, and know that it is not forever.

Remember this: Both the good and the bad will come and go -- that is, and always will be, the basic nature of the universe. Let us not forget the power of our own mindsets. Focusing on the problems and the negativity around us is the easiest thing we can do, but know this: if nothing changes ... nothing changes. Promoting the power of positivity and taking time to remember the best things about our lives is absolutely key now, and that positive energy has a way of exhilarating everything around us.

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