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Should Astrology Have Predicted This?

Mother Nature squashes science in earthquake predictions

It was just decades ago when seismologists were feeling pretty positive about their potential ability to predict upcoming earthquakes. However, just this week CNN reported that now, after about 40 more years of education and experience, these earthquake experts see the likelihood of predicting earthquakes actually growing slimmer.

So of course, our first question is: but what about Astrology? We know that Uranus is the planet associated with earthquakes, due to its unpredictable and sudden nature. And many of you have probably heard that Uranus happened to change signs on the day of Japan's massive 8.9 earthquake -- moving into bold and brash Aries, no less. But just because Uranus shifted signs on March 11, should Astrologers have predicted that an incredible earthquake would strike on that very same day? Of course not. Though Uranus changes signs only once every seven years, this certainly doesn't mean a monster earthquake will hit somewhere in the world every seven years as well. In fact, if Astrology were to predict earthquakes, it probably wouldn't have anything to do with Uranus at all...

Master astrologer Rick Levine explains a few astrological occurrences that could, more than a simple Uranus transit, provide shaky movement here on Earth:

"There is a book called The Jupiter Effect that makes a case for Jupiter's influence over earthquakes, as it is the planet with the largest mass in the entire solar system," Rick explains. "There are also those who believe (possibly with good cause) that larger earthquakes seem to cluster around solar and lunar eclipses, while others say that the Moon's North and South Nodes are the indicator."

Even still, we'll be the first to tell you, Astrology, while it can provide guidance in many areas of life, cannot predict something as catastrophic and far-reaching as an earthquake. Rick explains, "I’ve not seen anything that would enable an astrologer to predict an earthquake in a certain area ... but that doesn't seem to stop them. Many astrologers claim 'solution' to the earthquake problem."

The truth is, the earth does not discriminate. Sure, there are some specific locations that have been targeted as hot spots that might be more likely to suffer from a quake, but in actuality, earthquakes can strike at any time, any where. We may or may not ever be able to use science to predict when a quake is coming, all we can do is observe the world and prepare ourselves in every way we know how.

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2 Comments to "Should Astrology Have Predicted This?"
The profile picture for pamela romero.
pamela romero says:
Thu, 03/31/2011 - 23:34

this is true about astrology,but animals always,act funny,mine will not eat on the day whitter got 6.7 my house tore to hell,and when we moved to west hills next to northridge they didnt eat of corase 6.7 house did well that time, then moved to simi valley, and got 4.5 and once again all 10 cats and dogs didnt eat,depending were u live and how close ,your animals know one is coming

The profile picture for Rodney Van Goddard.
Rodney Van Goddard says:
Sat, 03/26/2011 - 10:09

Believe it or not, I had read a predict aboot that day Sept. 11th 2001 in Dell horoscope, that something bad was going to happen on that day!

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