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Feel the Astro Intensity of December 21!

Total eclipse of the mind

What intensity! On Dec. 21, 2010, you'll be feeling the effects of several celestial events -- because they all happen on the same day! Not only is it the Winter Solstice, but there's also a total Full Moon Eclipse and the Sun changes zodiac signs. Oh yeah, and Mercury is still retrograde. What does all of this mean in English? Let's break it down so you know what to expect.

For starters, the Winter Solstice is symbolic of the darkest night before dawn, since it is the longest night of the year. It's a time of hibernation, but also a time of steady ambition, since Capricorn enjoys nothing more than the sweet taste of hard earned success. The key phrase here is "hard earned." There's no such thing as a free lunch with Capricorn energy, and since the Sun will be in Capricorn around this time of marked darkness, -- and for the month following it -- it's possible that some of you will feel a little more gloomy than usual. Instead, visualize the power of the Mountain Goat, climbing steadily up the mountain, even in the face of a blizzard or in sheer blackness. Nothing can deter that Goat from its path ... and nothing should discourage you from yours.

The Winter Solstice occurs every year, so this is a familiar passage for us. What makes this year's seasonal shift especially dynamic however, is the fact that it occurs hours after a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -- an event that won't occur again until April of 2014. Full Moons are times when emotions are heightened, and the traditional symbolism of a Lunar Eclipse foretells significant endings or culmination.

Adding to this is the fact that Mercury will be retrograde during the eclipse. Mercury is the planet that rules all communication, education, commerce and transportation. When he's retrograde, there tends to be noteworthy delays or frustration in Mercury-ruled matters. This could be anything from a lost letter or gift in the mail to a conversation that goes terribly wrong over what is really an innocent misunderstanding.

So don't expect much capacity to separate your emotional nature from your rational mind on this day especially! We're all susceptible to making emotionally-charged decisions now, so forewarned is forearmed.

by Emily Trinkaus

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