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A Driver's Guide to Good Karma

Find your zen while on the road

Let's face it: driving can be extremely stressful. You have to be "on" at all times, and there are a billion and one things to keep your eye on, let alone having to worry about the thousands of other drivers on the road!

The recent media frenzy over which zodiac signs are the best or worst drivers has inspired us to get to the real point: Finding your cool, calm and collected place is absolutely crucial behind the wheel -- after all, your life depends on it.

So, hit the open road -- and keep these things in check so everyone can enjoy a safe and stress-free ride.

Take care of your car

Have your breaks been acting funky lately? The pesky "Check Engine" light blinking on and off now for weeks? Instead of shrugging it off and putting off the inevitable (and yes, it can be a big old pain) take your car in for a check-up. Fix the problems, no matter how minute. It's better to take care of small issues before they get worse, and you'll feel better knowing you could be saving yourself an unnecessary incident.

Be defensive, NOT offensive

Always be alert, but don't succumb to road rage when your emotions can breed carelessness (and accidents). This includes no flashing the middle finger, extraneous honking, yelling out the window, purposely cutting anyone off, tailing right behind someone … you get the idea. It may sound hard to do sometimes, but keep the road as friendly as humanly possible!

He who blinks, parks

Picture yourself in a crowded parking lot, searching for a spot. Sometimes, the waiting game can feel like forever. But then, finally, there across the way, it is! An open spot! Hope at last! You breathe a sigh of relief, put your blinker on, go to pull in, and BOOM. Some other car zooms right in and steals it, no blinker, nothing. Don't ever be that guy! Whoever puts their blinker on first gets the spot. Stealing parking spaces is simply bad Karma.

Don't pass on the kindness

Merging multiple lanes into one can be a headache, but it's really all about teamwork. Someone who drives in the shoulder, creeps up to the front and pushes themselves in can simply ruin the entire line of traffic behind them, slowing down the process. If a car is struggling to merge in bad traffic, be the one to let him or her in. 

Say 'thank you'

To score some extra Karma points, always remember to acknowledge when someone else has done something nice for you while on the road. A simple nod or wave goes a long way when someone else has gone out of their way to do make your life easier while out on the mean streets.


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