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A Dating Site for the Self-Obsessed. UGH.

New social network matches you with your look-a-like

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought... "Man, I wish I could just date myself." Well, now you can. Sort of. Findyourfacemate.com is a new social networking site slated to go live next week, where online daters will be matched up with other online daters whose faces most closely resemble their own, based on 9 physical facial attributes. The theory? Couples usually resemble eachother, therefore we are typically drawn to those we look like. Oh, brother.

Look, we get it. Dating is hard, and finding the right match is even harder. And a lot of online dating involves snap judgements based on a couple of profile pics here, a list of favorite movies there, and before you know it, you're sitting at a coffee shop with a complete stranger who compared himself to a Baldwin when, it turns out, they're actually a Buscemi. Not there's anything wrong with Steve Buschemi, but you know what I mean. Physical attraction usually sparks initial interest, but you know what's wrong with this site's particular concept?

Two things: One, you're setting yourself for disappointment here. What if the site comes back at you with the face of someone who you just don't want to see? You really want a website judging your looks and throwing up some photos of people who "science" believes you should spend the rest of your life with? I don't think so. Secondly, let's say you're a more superficial person who wants to date someone as "hot" as yourself, and so this website is just perfect for you. Well, physical attraction can fade, and then you're left with the superficial intention of the website. 

Findyourfacemate.com will be an interesting study for psychology students, sure -- and maybe those studies will truly prove something scientific. But ultimately, looks don't and shouldn't be the basis for the start of a strong relationship. While the site will offer other ways to choose potential mates based on interests and hobbies, the point of the site and the name of the site is still "find your face, find your match." Is that really the "how -we-met story" you want to tell your genetically-identical kids?

So... What do YOU think of this concept? Do you feel you seek out partners who look like you?

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1 Comments to "A Dating Site for the Self-Obsessed. UGH."
The profile picture for Jhi.
Jhi says:
Fri, 03/11/2011 - 15:07

Well they say that as couples age, they begin resembling each other anyway... or is it resembling their dogs??? :)

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