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Get Organized with Feng Shui

Get more organized and clear the path ahead

by Marie Diamond

Get more organized and clear the path ahead and you'll be amazed at how many new gifts will appear in your life!

It is important to set the tone daily, not just once a year when you make new year's resolutions.

In the universe around us everything is organized in a certain order, rhythm and flow. Feng Shui helps us get in tune with this universal energy. The more you organize your home or office according to simple Feng Shui principles, the more the universe will support you in manifesting your goals.

Are you ready to open your life this year -- to improve your health, find a new direction, land a promotion or attract more romance? Committing yourself to being more organized will help you clear your space for all the wonderful things waiting to come toward you.

Clear your entryway

The first and most important thing you can do to get more organized in any aspect of your life is to make sure the entrance to your home or apartment is neat and tidy. If you always enter and exit through clutter or chaos, guess what you will carry into your home...and out into the world? The entryway is the "mouth" of chi, or life energy. An entryway that is clean and beautiful allows chi to flow into the rest of your home and opens the space for organization to take hold everywhere.

Make sure shoes and boots are hidden away, coats are not hanging in the open near the doorway and that your entry looks neat and organized both inside and outside. The porch or walkway leading to the door should also be clear of clutter. Store trash receptacles, recycling bins and garden tools somewhere else. You'll enjoy coming home much more if the way is open and clear!

Enter through your front door

Our dependence on automobiles has led to the common practice of entering the house through the garage or through a side door. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this is definitely not a helpful practice. The typical garage is designed to be functional not beautiful. And most garages are full of clutter of one type or another. Very often a doorway that leads directly into a house from a garage or side yard is small and dimly lit. You may even pass through a storage area or laundry room as you enter your home in this way. This will not create the positive flow of energy that is possible to generate by entering through a front door, especially one that is clear and open and welcomes you home with a sense of peace and beauty.

Keep things in good repair

Your overall level of organization will increase if you make sure that everything in your home is in good repair. Pay special attention to lighting fixtures and lamps -- be sure to replace burnt out bulbs immediately so that your home stays well lit. This will help the chi in your home keep flowing freely to support you in many amazing ways. When things are broken, cracked or not working properly, it can slow you down. Just as order tends to inspire more order, so, too, cracked and broken appliances, loose door knobs and the like are impediments to an organized life.

Light the corners

Clutter tends to gather in shadowy areas, so be sure that the living areas of your home are well lit, especially the corners. You and your family members or roommates will be much less apt to pile things in places that are highly visible. By shining some light on those "dump-spots," you may prevent them from attracting clutter in the first place!

Make your bed every morning

Start your day by making your bed and arranging the covers and pillows in an orderly and pleasing way. Make sure all your laundry has been put away and that your bedroom is neat. This should be your first gesture of organization every day, as it marks the passage from sleep to a new day and prepares the bedroom for your next night of sleep. Starting and ending your day in a well-ordered environment will inspire a more organization in the rest of your life.

Leave the bathroom tidy

Another area to pay attention to in the morning is the bathroom. Make sure you hang towels neatly after you bathe or shower, and keep your toiletries tucked away to avoid creating clutter around the sink or tub. Tending to these two areas -- the bedroom and bathroom -- will set a tone of organization that will continue throughout your day.

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