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Good Karma vs. Bad Karma

Don't be short-changed by short-sightedness

At a grocery store, a clerk accidentally gives a woman a five-dollar bill in change instead of a one-dollar bill. The woman quietly takes her change and thanks her lucky stars. The next day she parks her car on the street and later discovers a dent in her car door and a broken side view mirror. The cost to repair it? $500 exactly.

Practice Safe Karma

Nobody is immune to karmic law. It's like gravity, only Karma goes beyond the laws of physics to the mysteries of time -- birth, death and re-birth. Are you scared yet? Don't be. You don't have to fear Karma if you understand the rules of the game. Just get out there onto the playing field (your life) and keep practicing to get good Karma.

Go out of your way to be honest or keep a promise, and see how the good effects start stacking up. The clerk to whom you return the correct change will learn to trust you, and she or maybe someone else just might give you a break when one day you forget your wallet at home. You'll see.

When Bad Karma Happens to Good People

Some people do seem to just have bad Karma. We see it all the time. But even if you've brought all your negative energies from past lifetimes into this one, you can make good choices and transform your bad Karma from this day forward. Nearly every human being has the ability to tell right from wrong and good from bad, but some of us have taken more spins on the wheel of life than others and have learned how Karma works.

Cosmic Karmic Time

Just as Isaac Newton's third law of motion -- to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction -- explains physical forces, Karma explains laws of thought and energy, cause and effect. An obstacle to recognizing or even believing in the cause and effect aspect of karmic law may be time itself, sort of like "Karma lag." Sometimes, an act you commit today may take months or years or even lifetimes to show up as an effect in your life or the universe. And it becomes extremely hard to tell which action caused which result, nevermind supply a reasonable explanation for why we seem to be paying unfairly for something we didn't control -- or did we?

Can We Escape Karma?

Karma says that until you learn a lesson you will continue to receive the same message through repeated experiences. If the woman from the grocery store didn't put two and two together and realize she'd created her own negative energy, she'd probably suffer more financial losses down the road. It's kind of like getting left back in school. When you are fully conscious of all your past actions, thoughts and emotions, and the lessons they brought you, you are ready to move ahead to the next grade … and even choose your next classroom.

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1 Comments to "Good Karma vs. Bad Karma"
The profile picture for Leonard Castner Jr..
Leonard Castner Jr. says:
Wed, 06/01/2011 - 13:34

I believe in good karma vs. bad karma. I've experionsed it personely many times and am still learning. Now I am watchful on being honest ,truthful ,caring person. Bad karma can really kick you in the pants.

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