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SHE'S fat?! Three Cheers for Holly Madison's Inspiring Attitude

Former playmate Madison stands up against the war on weight

by Stacey

The editorial world is abuzz this week as former Playboy playmate Holly Madison was told by the producers of her Vegas striptease show Peepshow that she needs to, get this: lose weight.

Sporting a small frame and weighing somewhere just in the low 100s, Holly has a body most women would kill for -- and she's making no apologies in response to the criticism of her producers, nor her one-time playmate friends. Instead, Holly is speaking out in the current issue of Life & Style magazine.

"I love my curvy body," Holly says. "I'd rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves."

And not only that, the magazine also features a completely unretouched photo of Holly, displaying her curves and her cellulite in all its glory.

"I have cellulite -- and had it even when I was at my absolute thinnest ... I'm never not going to have cellulite."

After allegedly gaining 15 pounds since her move to Las Vegas, 32-year-old Holly is still a small person, but it's all relative -- 15 pounds is 15 pounds regardless of the weight you started with, and it's hard enough to deal with even without being publicly ridiculed for it. Sure, it's easy to peek at recent photos of Holly and scoff at the idea that this small woman is talking about being fat. But regardless of the number on Holly's scale, we here at DH give Holly three cheers for being happy and comfortable with her body, and having the confidence to display it in its natural form for the whole world to see -- even in the face of judgement and criticism.

When you've chosen the life of a performer in which your performance depends on your body, of course staying in shape is a necessary job requirement. But the damaging message here is that the thinner you are, the better. Forget about happiness? Forget about health? No thank you! In a country where women and men alike struggle day to day with body image issues, the most damaging message any of us can receive is that what we are is not good enough. And when all we see on a daily basis is a false barrage of retouched photos and negative viewpoints, we're encouraged to struggle to live up to an expectation of beauty that doesn't even naturally exist.

A person's worth is not based on their weight, in the same way that it is not based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, the length of their hair, their birth date or any other irrelevant circumstance. And so, today we give kudos to Holly for accepting herself as she is, and using her voice to remind us that body type is body type, and the real goal we should be reaching for is one of happiness and satisfaction with ourselves on every level.

Are you inspired by Holly Madison's great attitude about body image?

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1 Comments to "SHE'S fat?! Three Cheers for Holly Madison's Inspiring Attitude"
The profile picture for Tammy.
Tammy says:
Thu, 03/03/2011 - 18:59

Agreed!Bravo Holly!!i Love her now!-evntho i'm not really sure who she is! lol

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