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Is Your House Haunted?

Put paranormal activity to the test

By Psychic Jesse, provided by California Pyschics®

Do you feel as though you are being “watched”? We live in a time where almost everything we do is watched: satellites, traffic cameras, security cameras, so many ways in which we are constantly under some kind of surveillance. However, there are times when you may feel as though you are not alone in the room. If that happens, write down the time and place where you had the experience. After that, you may want to invest in a small EMF meter. These little inexpensive devices can pick up concentrations of electronic fields. When these fields are in a truly concentrated form, it can evoke many sensations: uneasiness, feeling like you are being watched, nausea, the list goes on depending on how sensitive a person is to high electromagnetic fields. If you use an EMF detector, take it to the area where you had the experience. If the EMF spikes higher than at other places in the house, find out if there is a great deal of electrical wiring in the area. High EMF readings often immediately prove that the feelings you were experiencing are simply due to your own sensitivity to that kind of electrical concentration. If you do not find any unusual meter spikes in the area, try taking the EMF meter into the area several times at varying time intervals. Once you rule out physical properties, then it is time to consider the paranormal.

Some people report hearing words or whispers in an area that they feel could be haunted. I’ve been standing in the middle of a field when I heard a muffled conversation between what appeared to be a man and a woman. There was no one around me for miles, no radio or television transmission, nothing that could have generated that sound. Later in the day, some friends of mine had driven out to my ranch, and one came running out of the barn saying that a man just said “hello,” but there was no one there! Research done through the local library showed that the land had been originally owned by a couple who passed away on the ranch. The man died from a sudden heart attack, and his wife of 53 years passed away within a few months of unknown causes. Finding the history of the place you’re living can explain a great deal. Don’t immediately think that you’re losing your mind; the chances are very good that you’re simply experiencing a paranormal event.

In the next few weeks, I will be writing more about what to do if you think your home may be haunted and what can be done in order that all beings live in peace and tranquility.

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