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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: 5 Reasons Why It Wasn't In the Stars

Astrology explains the big break-up

In one of the biggest celebrity breakups of 2011 (so far) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel officially confirmed their split this week after months of rumors that their relationship had taken a turn for the worse.

While we don't like the idea of exploiting the broken hearts of the rich and famous, we do like to dig into their astrological compatibility to see what could account for the ending of another Hollywood relationship gone wrong. Luckily, this is not a messy breakup and there's no nasty scandal to explain -- just two gorgeous, twentysomething millionnaires who called it quits four years into their gorgeous, twentysomething relationship.

1. First off, their Sun signs added opposing pressure…

Jessica's Sun is in Water sign Pisces, while Justin's Sun is in Air sign Aquarius. Basically, this means that while Jessica can be overly emotional, Justin typically remains cool, calm and rational. Justin's infamously known as a heartbreaker, and not all too interested in taking the marital plunge. Perhaps he has an easier time becoming emotionally detached because he fears the ultimate commitment -- while Jessica remained hopelessly devoted.

2. Plus, they were always crazy-busy…

Both JT and JB have their Sun trine or sextile Jupiter. It's good they're both globetrotting, working millionaires, because this alignment inherently breeds their mutual urge to travel and experience as much as they possibly can -- which certainly worked well when they were together and vacationing, but with the amount of time they assumedly were forced to spend apart due to scheduling conflicts, this can also create a ton of frustration on both ends. One gets to go to Hawaii while the other is on set, and vice versa … you know what happens next!

3. Then comes the "perfect" ideal...

Jessica's Sun square Justin's Moon was an influence that may have been a contributing factor. They portrayed the perfect image of a perfect couple -- young, beautiful, talented, rich and famous -- but trying to be perfect for your partner, trying to make your partner just like yourself, or trying to be perfect together (for their friends, for the press, etc.) can put a disastrous spin on any relationship. Her Sun square his Moon means they had to make a concerted effort to harmonize their differences.

4. Their true selves emerged...

With Jessica's Saturn conjunct Justin's Pluto, it's likely that at the beginning of their relationship, they both felt a powerful attraction to one another (see again: young, beautiful, talented, rich and famous). And as much as they tried, or wanted, to hide their worst sides from one another, their true selves eventually surfaced, as they would in any normal relationship. Jessica especially may have felt exposed, and the interaction between her and Justin revealed deeper fears and hang-ups.

5. In the end, their goals just didn't align

Isn't this the crux of any relationship? Justin and Jessica's differences, in whatever area their major differences were in, were represented by Justin's Neptune square Jessica's Neptune, the planet of dreams and visions. A clash between ideals caused ultimately caused confusion and misunderstandings.

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