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Porpoises, Pandas and Puppies, Oh My!

Karmic animal stories to make you laugh and cry

From an inspiring porpoise saved from the tsunami wreckage in Japan to a man who set his own house on fire trying to kill a squirrel, it’s time once again to share the most heartwarming and heartbreaking Karmic highlights of the animal kingdom this week:

Baby Porpoise Rescued from Rice Field in Japan

Twelve days after a giant tsunami hit the coast of Japan, a Japanese man found a baby porpoise (similar to a dolphin) struggling for its life in the shallow seawater of a flooded rice field. When he couldn’t rescue it with his net, he waded into the field and emerged cradling the animal in his arms. The man and his friends then wrapped the dolphin in wet towels and drove it back to the sea, where they set it free. Read more about the baby porpoise rescue at TODAY.com.

Giant panda bites worker at San Diego Zoo

Bad Bai Yun! Or is it bad humans? On March 15, this giant panda wandered out of her enclosure at the San Diego Zoo and bit a zoo caretaker. But before we give the bear too much bad Karma press, it was also reported that the zoo’s giant panda research station was not fully secured. Read more and make up your own mind about the San Diego panda attack from the New York Daily News.

Man Sets Fire to His House While Trying to Remove Squirrels

In the animal kindom’s best case of instant Karma this week, a man set fire to his own home while trying to smoke bomb squirrels inside his walls. No one one injured, and the man thinks the squirrels have vacated the residence.Read more from 1190KEX.com about why these squirrels are getting the last laugh over this nutjob.

National Puppy Day a Huge Success

March 23 was National Puppy Day, oranized by a karmic pet hero to encourage pet adoption and help put an end to puppy mills and backyard breeders. We just want to take one more opportunity to thank this organization, and to remind y'all that there's no better way to improve your Karma than by adopting a cute critter in need. Read more about pet adoption and find a shelter near you at the National Puppy Day website.

Do you have your own inspiring or heartbreaking pet story to share? Drop us a line!

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