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Gilbert Gottfried Trips On His Own Webbed Feet

Rounding up this week's karmic triumphs and trip-ups

From the prestigious royal wedding to some uber-royal mishaps, we're rounding up the good, the bad and the downright ugly in the news this week.

Karmic triumphs

Prince William and Kate Middleton
What do you get for Europe's most prominent couple who has everything? Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton are taking the high road for their upcoming April 29 wedding, establishing the Royal Wedding Charity Fund in lieu of a lavish gift registry. Including a hand-picked list of 26 charities, guests are asked to put their money toward a more important cause in the name of royal romance. Read more »

PepsiCo scores major environmental Karma this week for announcing its latest development: bottles that are made of 100% plant-based materials, instead of plastic. Bottles are scheduled for testing in 2012, and will then be released to the masses if all goes well. Read more »

Karmic trip-ups

Gilbert Gottfried
The well-known comedian was fired as the long-time voice of the Aflac duck this week after tweeting insensitive "jokes" about the disaster in Japan just days after the devastation hit. Clearly, when you are the voice of a company that does a whopping 75% of its business with Japan, you're expected to at least put on a face of concern. Too soon, Gilbert, too soon... Read more »

Casey Royer, Social Distortion drummer
As if overdosing on heroin isn't bad enough, this 52-year-old ex-punk rocker ODed on the illegal drug in front of his 12-year-old son this week, forcing the boy to run to neighbors for emergency help. Royer lived, and is now facing charges of being under the influence of heroin and child endangerment after police found drug paraphernalia and needles around the home. Read more »

Alexandra Wallace, UCLA student
This supposed student posted a personal video online called "Asians in the Library," in which she goes off on a 3-minute long racist rant about people from Asian descent -- including comments about the recent Japanese tsunami and mocks of the Asian dialect. Wallace's video went viral, and though she has since pseudo-apologized, the university has referred to her video as "repugnant" and she has received death threats for her horribly un-thought out actions. Read more »

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