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Victoria Jackson Spreads the Homophobic Word

Rounding up this week's karmic triumphs and trip-ups

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Goodwill and town pride clash with homophobia, abuse and drug hypocrisy this week -- soak it all up with our roundup of current karmic headlines.

Karmic triumphs

Beautiful Existence

Yes ... that is her real name. Seattle resident Beautiful Existence has set a goal to purchase nearly everything she and her family need for this whole year -- only from Goodwill stores. Not only is she supporting recycling and sustainability, but she's putting her dollars toward a corporation that focuses on providing employment opportunities to the broad community. And her story is bringing a resurgence of shoppers to the Goodwill corporation! That's beautiful, Beautiful. Read her blog here »

Durham, North Carolina

Talk about your town pride ... residents of Durham, NC were invited this week to come on out and marry ... their city. This community celebration is a fundraising event that not only reaffirms the devotion that residents have to the people, events and city that surround them, but what's greater, this year's event raised over $25,000 for five non-profit organizations in town. We'd like to hear what the "marriage is between a man and a woman" activists have to say about this little doozy! Read more »

Karmic trip-ups

Victoria Jackson

This former SNL cast member caused a controversial buzz this week when she posted her opinions online in response to a gay kiss scene on the hit TV show Glee -- apparently, she needed everyone know now that she thought it was "sickening." In her attempts to defend her actions, Jackson remarked that the show Glee is "trying to make kids gay." As always with free speech, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Life is hard enough trying to accept who we are, and this negativity and judgment cannot lead to anything positive. Just because you desperately crave attention doesn't mean you get to take a little thing called respect down with your sinking career. Read more »

Chris Brown

He's baaack! Bad boy Chris Brown is back in the negative headlines after a Good Morning America interview in which he was asked about his 2009 abuse case with fellow singer Rihanna -- and the topic angered him so much that he stormed offstage. Brown proceeded to rant in his dressing room, then threw a cooler through a glass window and hightailed it off the lot. Brown has attempted an apology, but can't seem to do it without placing all the blame on GMA. If you don't want to be asked about your angry, abusive side, throwing an angry temper tantrum and physically acting out isn't exactly leaving anything to the imagination! This is so not helping your image... Read more »

David Schubert, Paris Hilton's prosecutor

Remember when Paris Hilton was busted for cocaine possession last summer? Well it turns out her prosecuting attorney isn't practicing what he's preaches. After accusing multiple celebrities of cocaine possession, Schubert himself was just booked for ... guess what ... cocaine possession. As a district attorney, he should clearly know better, but as a human being? What a hypocrite! Read more »

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