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Share Your Breakfast to Feed a Starving Child

This week's karmic triumphs and trip-ups

While some are helping starving children and bringing animals back to life, others are forcing sexual favors and victimizing young innocents -- get a rundown of this week's karmic headlines ... new and improved: now Charlie Sheen-free!

The triumphs

This well-known cereal company is aiming to change the world, one breakfast at a time. Kellogg's is calling on the public to post a photo of their breakfast to the website shareyourbreakfast.com, and for each photo posted, Kellogg's will donate one breakfast to a starving child in need. Finally, posting what you eat pays off! Read more »

Ron Pace, dog trainer
When a pooch in obedience training had a seizure and stopped breathing during the middle of a training session this week, Pace dropped to his knees and immediately started performing mouth-to-mouth CPR on the dog. After just two minutes, the dog had been fully revived thanks to the quick thinking and bold actions of this heroic man -- and the whole thing was caught on video. Watch now »

The trip-ups

Dov Charney, American Apparel CEO
American Apparel is back in the negative news this week as its CEO is being accused of forcing multiple sexual favors from an 18-year old employee. What's worse, he's claiming the woman has no case, simply because she has threatened to expose the company in the past ... but this isn't even the first time Charney has been accused of sexual harassment. One thing's for sure, this lawsuit is getting even uglier than American Apparel's full-body lace body suits. Read more »

James C. McKinley Jr., NY Times reporter
In an article published this week chronicling the horrific events of an 11-year old girl's gang rape by 18 young men, this reporter felt the need to point out that the young girl "dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s," theoretically alluding that the girl was somehow responsible for this traumatizing event. Read more »

Evan Emory, musician
The 21-year-old musician is being accused of child pornography after filming himself playing guitar and singing to a group of elementary school children, then superimposing a sexually explicit song over the taped footage, which clearly showed the faces of these young children. Need we say more? Use your head! Read more »

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