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Feng Shui for Moms

Create a peaceful, happy and productive space for Mom

Find support

Mothers used to raise children in large, extended communities, which helped ease some of the pressures of childrearing. Unfortunately, modern life doesn't afford the same kind of support. Address the problem by making adjustments to your family gua, which is located in the center portion of the left side of your home. A black telephone, flourishing plants and photos of beloved friends and relatives can bring Mom the much-needed financial, emotional and spiritual support she needs to thrive.

Conserve your resources

Raising children requires a tremendous amount of energy. Knowing how to establish and maintain personal boundaries can help Mom cope with all the demands that are constantly heaped on her shoulders. A good way to cultivate this wisdom is by making adjustments to the near left corner of the home. A picture of a majestic mountain will give Mom staying power during times of trial. Closed containers can help her conserve her emotional and financial resources. Rocks and crystals will lend a sense of permanence and stillness to Mom's life, helping to offset its hectic pace.

Cultivate abundance

Mothers are expected to give and give unreservedly. Naturally, this can't happen unless Mom has abundance from which to draw. Placing a tall plant in the far left corner of the home will help Mom feel as though she's constantly growing and thriving. If a plant can't grow in this corner, you can try placing a floor lamp that casts light up toward the ceiling here, or a tall bookcase filled with her favorite books. Any decorative element that draws the eye upward will help Mom feel like she has an endless reserve of emotional energy.

Attract helpful people

The more help Mom gets in doing her job, the happier she'll be. If finding reliable teachers, tutors and babysitters has been difficult, focus on the near right corner of the home, which governs helpful people. This corner can be activated by a metal trash can, which can help Mom let go of some responsibilities and hand them over to others. The colors white, black and gray can also clarify the kinds of people you need to get certain jobs done. Pictures of past mentors and teachers can also help here.

Receiving grace

Last but not least, mothers need to become more receptive to pampering if they're going to thrive. Letting others care for Mom will cultivate contentment and ward off resentment. The best way to do this is to add enhancements to the far right corner of the room. Comfortable seating like a low, comfortable love seat works well in this space, as does built-in furniture like bookshelves, window seats or cabinetry. Earthy materials like ceramic, tile and stone can also make Mom feel more secure about yielding her role to other caretakers while she rests and relaxes.

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