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NASA: Huge Solar Flare Disrupts Communications

Are you feeling the effects of the largest solar flare in four years?

by Karen

And you thought Mercury Retrograde was bad for communications! If you’ve been experiencing any technical difficulties in the past few days, blame it on the “Class X flash.”

What in the world is that?! In simple terms, it’s a solar flare -- but not just any solar flare.

NASA reports we are experiencing the effects of the “Valentine’s Day Solar Flare,” the strongest solar flare in four years, and it’s triggering huge geomagnetic storms that are disturbing radio communications in Southern China.

“X-class flares are the most powerful of all solar events that can trigger radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms," NASA said on its website Wednesday.

It’s also disturbing the technology here at DH headquarters in Portland, Ore., by the way. "We've had servers failing randomly for unexplained reasons and communication problems with email and cell phones," said Andrew Morelock, Senior Director of Technology -- and the man you can thank for getting your daily horoscopes emailed out on time every morning (in spite of any solar flares).

NASA said the solar flare, which originated on Monday, Feb. 14 at 5:56 p.m. (PST), could continue to disrupt electrical power grids, radio and satellite communication and even GPS systems in the few next days.

The good news? In a report by physorg.com, The British Geological Survey said the solar storm would result in spectacular Northern Lights displays starting Thursday. We like that!

Have you been experiencing any technical difficulties that might be a result of the solar flare? Leave a comment and let us know!

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2 Comments to "NASA: Huge Solar Flare Disrupts Communications"
The profile picture for DeBorah.
DeBorah says:
Wed, 02/23/2011 - 01:47

Do Not know if this applies; I never could wear a watch as a girl, It would stop working after a few hours. Knew this by the time I was 10 and don't recall trying since.
I recently sewed a necklace watch my husband got for me, 5 yrs prior, on a little j
jean purseTuesday Feb.15th around 4:00 am, having coffee,

The profile picture for Angela.
Angela says:
Sat, 02/19/2011 - 09:15

On my way home last night, just around sunset I see in the sky what looks like the tail of an airplane, but there was 7 or 8 different ones and they all were going different ways, but yet they appered to be not moving at all. I pulled over to look at them, but still no movement..is that what solar flares look like?

Emily Trinkaus

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