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Come Together with Neptune in Pisces

Compassion and unity reign during this spiritual transit

Dreamy Neptune finally returns to its home sign of Pisces, on Friday, February 3, 2012, after traveling through the rest of the zodiac for the past 149 years. This will be all-new energy for each and every one of us because Neptune and Pisces haven't synced up since back in 1862 (except for a brief retrograde stint in April) -- and this Neptune in Pisces energy couldn't be coming at a better time.

Throughout the world, we humans so often define ourselves by our differences -- in religion, sexuality, gender roles, politics, language, income, values; the list goes on and on. And it's these differences of belief that are spawning horrible hate crimes, wars and tragedy worldwide.

But breathe deeply -- change is breezing in. Neptune in Pisces represents the exact opposite of what we see playing out in the world right now. It's about unity; it's about oneness, as Neptune compels our ideals and wishes, and Pisces supports compassion, spirituality and togetherness. But it's really about acting with compassion now, not just musing about it.

We got a brief glimpse of this calm and caring energy when Neptune was retrograde in Pisces for four months between April and August of 2011, and now this refreshing influence is back for 13 solid years.

Neptune in Pisces is a time to cross those long-existing boundaries between individuals, nations and ideals and meld into one inclusive force. It's about recognizing how similar we are as humans, rather than fixating on our minor differences.

Neptune and Pisces each bring spirituality to the forefront -- that inner feeling of connectedness that reminds us of all that is greater than us in this world. For the past 14 years, Neptune has been trekking through the tech-savvy, worldly sign of Aquarius, breaking down our sense of structured community and connecting people through advancements like email, mobile devices, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So now, as Neptune sashays into spiritual and connected Pisces, we're ready. The physical walls have been removed so we can now flow freely amongst the rest of the humanity and connect on a far deeper level.

This is time to reach out to the people and environment that surround us. It's time for us to build a unified foundation so that the future can be filled with more peace and hope than we've felt in a very long time.

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15 Comments to "Come Together with Neptune in Pisces"
The profile picture for Kelvin.
Kelvin says:
Sun, 02/05/2012 - 05:59

Now is the time where we pisces have to take action in our lives instead of getting washed away by the current.

The profile picture for Sonya.
Sonya says:
Sat, 02/04/2012 - 15:04

I am really feeling good about what is about to happen with an astrained relationship between me and my son in law. Hopefully reaching out to my daughter after letting go for the last couple of years was just what I needed to do. She is a Pisces/husband Gemini and I am a Capricorn. Hoping for the best for us all.

The profile picture for Sarah Moon.
Sarah Moon says:
Fri, 02/03/2012 - 21:19

I am anicipating this for several reasons, as I have been in an intense and sometimes quite painful transition of my own. The one thing that keeps resonating with me is that before we can actually see peace and unity amongst humanity, the old structures have to fall. Technology is not the Utopian belief of controlling anything, especially nature. There are many of my friends who have been educators, business owners or both who have considered this. There are many of those friends who are mystics or practitioners of various forms of spirituality who, for whatever reason, want to continue on some sort of posative and beautiful trail rather than to entertain the idea that where are going to see change is through the breaking down of powerful structures. We have relied upon and followed; believing in the Utopian ideal that we are ascending; ignoring the separation that has already taken place. As much as I have compassion for the naive - there comes a place of KNOWING that it has to fall. The internet as a tool is a powerful thing, but it has created an alternative state of being, for most of us, and some of us prefer to dwell there because we cannot or will not face the circumstances of our physical existance. Our individuality and and values have been dictated to us as consumers of images and information and we have eaten it up because we are fearful to not believe. There is going to be a rude awakening on one hand; and a powerful rebirth on the other. I just hope this Scorpio (5x in 12 house) - Sag (2x in 1st house); both Uranus and Neptune in Virgo, and in the 9th house - will allow me to "see" , understand and be ready to reach out and maintain stability through the next 13 years. I do not believe in the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012. I believe in the existance in this physical realm ending AS WE KNOW IT. We will have to connect on a deeper level (call it spiritual if you like) because the Utopia will prove to be a lie, and we will be longing for the truth of our physical and spiritual existance and purpose. It is impossible and uterly rediculous to believe you can build a stronger and beautiful mansion on the foundation of the old crumbling one. This isn't about doomsday - it is about transformation. Embrace it, because whether you like it or not, you are not in control of it. You can only go within, allow the transformation to take place for the purpose of the highest good.

The profile picture for Matthew.
Matthew says:
Fri, 02/03/2012 - 20:25

Well, the article is pointing towards a joyful outcome, but I have serious doubts.
I don't think our structured community has broken down at all, my guess is that the internet has made people more addicted to their own little turf and group, thereby making differences between groups and individuals even larger.
Also, this technology has provided people new ways to make an income by covert, dishonest, and even deceptive means. Especially now money has become scarce for many.
The physical walls may have been removed, but the psychological walls have become larger by electronics.
I am really not sure if we become able to connect on a deeper level; there is a lot of wishful thinking, and the growing differences between people will tend to result in a struggle to dominate others who don't fit the bill. view. Or, alternatively, it will result in disappointments concerning others.
The question who is to blame follows next...I think the craving for unity will be a fantastic but unattainable mirage in a time of clashing ideologies and also financial scarcity.

The profile picture for Peter.
Peter says:
Thu, 02/02/2012 - 16:19

Wish I could edit comments. I meant because we ARE an endangered species of life.
Namaste, Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan

The profile picture for Peter.
Peter says:
Thu, 02/02/2012 - 16:18

I am glad to see that the stars are working in our favor ~in favor of those who want to bring about world peace & solidarity among all humane beings. The world is in bad shape. Now is the time for us to unite upon the basis of our common survival needs, to love one another and to work out our difference with a vision for unity among all of humankind. We need to do this because we are not an endangered species of life. Namaste, Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan

The profile picture for Luciferus.
Luciferus says:
Wed, 08/24/2011 - 09:16

Not that I don't agree with your interpretation, but we also have to consider the general context here. For instance, that pluto uranus square just screams trouble. Mind that pisces, besides being the spiritual retreat is also where karma gets unloaded. Now, the western world has pretty much sold his soul to the devil. We have raped, pillaged and deceived our fellow men. If there's gonna be unity and compassion, which I also believe is a probable outcome, it will only come after all that negative karma gets repaid. There's gonna be pain before that happens and that's what will unite the world. Now, maybe I'm pessimistic, having saturn on my ascendant right now and pluto getting ready to square my sun. I'm aware of these though and I try to be objective. I know you try to be optimistic but we should be realistic about the situation

The profile picture for Simi.
Simi says:
Wed, 07/20/2011 - 09:04

@Bridgette definitely

The profile picture for Bridgette.
Bridgette says:
Thu, 04/07/2011 - 10:22

Best news n a longtime 4 me

The profile picture for couariosha obatero.
couariosha obatero says:
Wed, 04/06/2011 - 18:17

wow. its truly needed.!!

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