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Will Tyche Change Astrology?

Scientists anxiously await NASA's cosmic findings

by Stacey

Here we go again -- in November of 2010 information hit the astronomy world regarding the possibility of a new planet at the edge of our solar system. This celestial body, currently referred to as "Tyche," is believed to be far larger than Jupiter, but there's one big catch -- we don't even know if this thing exists in the first place!

Late in 2009, NASA launched a mission to scan the celestial sky in its entirety, which should account for Tyche's presence if it is, in fact, there -- but preliminary results of the survey aren't due out until April of this year, with the full results being released in March of 2012. And even then, it's expected to take several years to really analyze the data.

Until then, many scientists remain skeptical, as the two astrophysicists who are making the current Tyche claims, John Matese and Daniel Whitmire, have been working to get Tyche in the limelight since the late 1990s ... this is just the latest round.

So will NASA's findings prove Matese and Whitmire were right all along? Unfortunately we'll have to wait for the official results. But we can tell you, if Tyche ends up receiving the planetary title, that doesn't necessarily mean the world of Astrology will turn upside down. We'll have to leave that up to the master astrologers to decide, but we can certainly see Tyche falling into the nebulous space between astronomy and Astrology, with the likes of "Pluto isn't actually a planet" and "There's a 13th sign called Ophiuchus."

And why "Tyche" in the first place? Tyche (meaning "luck") was a Greek diety who governed the destiny of Grecian cities. So Tyche, the "planet," is being named after these concepts of fortune, possibility, opportunity -- but since Jupiter is already designated as the ruler of our personal expansion, he's not going down without a fight -- even if Tyche IS four times his size...

So get ready for a David and Goliath battle of Jupiter vs. Tyche, Astrology vs. astronomy, and scientist vs. scientist as the mysteries surrounding Tyche and the rest of our solar system come out in waves over the years ahead. We'll keep you posted on the latest breaking developments.

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