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New Year's Resolution Feng Shui

Tips and tricks to help you follow through with your intentions

A new year offers a welcome opportunity to make a fresh start in life. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Fortunately, this step is relatively painless when you've summoned the power of Feng Shui. 

If you've made some resolutions, think about implementing some of these Feng Shui tips as a means to get started:

Lose weight

By far, the best Feng Shui cure for losing weight involves ridding your home of clutter. Clutter is symbolic of baggage, and can manifest itself on your body as excess fat. As with exercise, you need to start gently. Persistence pays off in the long run. Start with a single drawer, desk or closet. As soon as you finish with that project, you'll be inspired to begin another. The less junk you have in your house, the more energized you'll feel, and the easier it will be to shed pounds and enjoy exercise.

Find love

If you want to find love in the new year, head for the bedroom. It governs your sexual prospects. First and foremost, make sure your bed has a clear view of the door, but isn't directly in line with the doorway. If you can't move your bed, position a mirror so you can see the entrance clearly while lying down. Now you'll be able to spot romance when it enters your life. Next, make sure there is enough space on either side of your bed. This symbolizes your desire to share your life with someone. For added power, put a pair of beautiful objects in the far right corner of your room. A couple of red candles, a pair of square fluffy pillows or a painting of passionate lovers are all good choices.

Get a job

If finding a job is a top priority, pay attention to your front entrance. Make sure it is well lit. Clear away cobwebs and dirt. Bracket the door with healthy plants. Oil its hinges and make sure its locks operate smoothly. If you have a hard time turning the key in your door, install a new lock. Personalize the door with a name plate or engraved knocker. The more attractive your front entrance, the easier it will be to find your dream job.

Have a child

Plans to conceive or adopt a child can be set in motion with a few Feng Shui tips. First and foremost, clear any storage items from beneath your bed. Then don't clean under your bed until after the baby arrives. That's because a still, restful environment is best for welcoming a child. To maintain this peaceful atmosphere, don't hang any pictures or undergo home renovations while you're trying to conceive or adopt. Last but not least, hang a wind chime with six metal rods in the center portion of the right side of your home, and ring it the same time each day until you get confirmation of your child's arrival.

Graduate from or gain entry to school

Whether you're about to finish a course of study or you're ready to embark on one, you need to focus on the near left corner of your home. Placing pictures of mentors or wise people in this spot can put you in a more scholastic frame of mind. If you want to gain entry to a particular school, display its logo here. This part of your home is activated by the Earth element, so natural crystals and geodes work well here. A picture of a mountain placed in the near left corner can also improve your scholastic prospects.

Improve your social life

If you vow to become more social in the new year, pay special attention to the center portion of the left side of your home. It governs community. The Wood element can activate this portion of your home. Placing a healthy tall plant in this spot can attract new friends. So can tall, wooden furniture; this would be a perfect spot to place a bookcase, provided it isn't packed full. A little empty space is always necessary to cultivate growth. Keep this in mind if you're surrounded with toxic people. The best way to get rid of these bloodsuckers is to prune this spot of clutter, creating as much light and space as possible. Remember, vampires can't stand the sun -- they prefer to dwell in dark, shadowy corners.

Get noticed

If you're tired of being passed over in work, love or play, add a few Feng Shui cures to your fame gua. This is located in the center portion of the far wall of your home. Add strong, vibrant colors like red, orange and pink here. Animal prints can also activate this spot, as can candles and bright lights. If these touches are too garish for your taste, take a more understated approach. Use this spot to display diplomas, awards and trophies. At the very least, put an attractive solitary photo of yourself in the fame gua and shine a bright light on it.

Make more money

A resolution to make more money should include a plan to keep it anchored in your bank account. Otherwise, you may spend it as quickly as it comes in! When it comes to financial matters, it's always wise to attend to the far left corner of your home, otherwise known as the prosperity gua. A tall, healthy tree in a ceramic pot can work wonders here, as it represents both growth and stability. For extra luck, you may want to slip a crisp $100 bill underneath the plant pot to symbolize your desire to cultivate prosperity. Place the money in a red envelope to stimulate its growth.


Want to spend the upcoming year traveling to distant shores? Then prepare your home accordingly. Place a photo of your dream destination in the near right corner of your home, which governs travel. If you want to go around the world, place a globe here and spin it once a day. Last but not least, add some Metal energy here. Place a silver box in this corner, and fill it with postcards or wish lists of dream trips.

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when placement is noted as being left or right corner of the home or room how do we establish this? i.e.; standing inside looking out the front door, standing outside facing front door, facing the northern direction ect.

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