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A Phone Caller's Guide to Good Karma

Dial and text with love and care

Let's be real: Picking up a phone to actually speak with a person, live and breathing? Yeah … it's a rarity these days. Facebook and texting are now the go-to, high-speed forms of communication. 

Whether you're taking the old-school route and using the phone to talk -- or you're a texter -- there are certain ways to go about it that can make your life, and the lives of everyone around you, much happier. After all, they're called "smart" phones for a reason, right?!

Don't invite others to the party

On a double date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents? Don't whip out your phone and think you're being slick by checking the score or your email under the table. If you're not in dire straits, leave the phone in the car or at home. It can be done! If you're on a bus or alone at a restaurant and need to make a phone call, don't bring everyone else into it by speaking loudly … unless, that is, you're fully prepared to fill these strangers in on the other side of the conversation.

Consider the consequences

There's nothing wrong with a "phone purge" -- you know, when you go through a break-up or go through your phone and delete anyone with whom you no longer speak. Sometimes, the simple act of erasing a contact can feel liberating! Just make sure anyone you delete is definitely someone you're not planning on contacting again … and don't do so out of spite. Also, if you're angry with someone and change how their name displays when he or she calls you, or you can't remember someone's name after putting a new contact in your phone (and therefore designate an alias, like "Guy With Weird Glasses") just make sure you're ready to explain this name mishap if and when that person happens to see their info in your phone.

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Vijaykumarpatha... says:
Tue, 01/25/2011 - 20:36

Not want to say too but this is good to dev good karma on our mob...Vijaykumarpathak

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