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A Phone Caller's Guide to Good Karma

Dial and text with love and care

Whoever calls first ... calls back

If you call someone and either phone gets cut-off, you should be the one who calls back!

Lock it up

If you have a non-flip phone, lock it up! The last thing you want to do is accidentally call your boss and leave a 20-minute message featuring you talking about the details of your love life with your friends at dinner. Or a text that reads, "schhhhhloo0324!" to that HR manager who you hoped would hire you for that great job. If you don't want to risk sending an embarrassing or inappropriate "butt-dial" ... be more careful with your phone.

Make it personal

Sure, texting is a quick and easy way to reach out. But if it's a special occasion, consider picking up the phone! Don't text a "Happy Birthday, Mom!" or "Congratulations on your triplets!" They'll feel special, and you'll feel better for going out of your way to make it personal.

And, the same goes for the big golden rule of texting: don't break-up with someone via text. JUST DON'T DO IT!

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1 Comments to "A Phone Caller's Guide to Good Karma"
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Vijaykumarpatha... says:
Tue, 01/25/2011 - 20:36

Not want to say too but this is good to dev good karma on our mob...Vijaykumarpathak

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