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Acts of Kindness Rise in Winter Storms

Snowbound citizens earn good karma across the U.S.

Winter storms keep a comin’, and the latest weather forecasts expect more than a third of the U.S. population to be impacted by heavy snow, ice, wind and all manner of “potentially life-threatening” winter weather hazards in the coming week. That’s the bad news.

The good news is we’re starting to hear some truly inspirational stories from snowbound citizens and good samaritans helping each other out, warming our hearts with their tales of cold-weather kindness.

In fact, the mayor of Philadelphia, Penn. is publicly asking residents to “be kind” and help each another out, and all across the country people are doing just that.

As snowstorms and blizzard conditions spread from the Colorado Rockies all the way to the New England coast, we’re hearing tales of citizens forming grass-roots movements to help each other weather the weather.

People are shoveling their neighbors’ driveways and forming groups to work together to dig each other out. Builders with plows are donating their time to dig others’ vehicles out of the snow; folks are checking in on their eldery neighbors and single parents to make sure they have heat, food, diapers or whatever they need.

Our favorite random act of kindness comes out of Knoxville, Md., where the Los Angeles Times reports a fella named Kevin Writt spent hours distributing 50 bottles of water and 40 packs of M&Ms to motorists stranded on a bridge over the Potomac River. Why did Writt say he decided to help out? “Karma.”

As Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also told the LA Times, "The main message of the day is be careful, be kind, look out for other people." We Daily Defenders here at DH headquarters in Portland, Ore. couldn’t put it better ourselves.

With hazardous winter weather continuing in much of the country through the week, let us know if you have inspirational stories like this from your own community and what you're doing to help each other in the winter storms. Leave us a comment below!

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1 Comments to "Acts of Kindness Rise in Winter Storms"
The profile picture for Gus_n.
Gus_n says:
Tue, 02/08/2011 - 14:30

Matt 25:35 - 46 King James Bible(Eng)
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’
We should and CAN share of our selves, our time, our efforts and of our soul! Bescuse, If You do it with Your soul in it, then the deed will be recognized by our Lord and You are to be reconed for what You have done - the day You will meet with HIM!
I had an illness(stroke) last year in mid April and a collegue happened to hear this and contacted me at the hospital and "cheered" me over the telephone and spoke to me and therefore gave me energy, determination and force to take my self out of a downright low and a s.c rut situation, since I had my left side paralized(both arm and leg) and problems to speak - but well enough to listen! Bless this woman collegue, Oh Lord!! I imediately started practice rutine with arm, hand and fingers; and also of my leg, nee and foot.
In a week I was relieved out of hospital and starting to go and feel more like a whole human beeing!
This was the s.c Good Samaritan. ie the man which took care of a robbed man lying by the side of the road, naked and beaten, thursty and bloody from wounds! The Samaritan took him to a public house, and
payed for him to get clothes, his wounds cared for and a bed to recover in and furthermore food and something to drink. All of this came out of the GOOD SAMARITANS own purse!
That is to CARE which THE LORD knows and acknowledge You for this when ...... it is time for You!


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