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'Secret Millionaire' Inspires Some ... but Insults Others

Does this feel-good show paint an unrealistic picture of poverty?

Over 12 million viewers tuned in to ABC's feel-good reality show Secret Millionaire Sunday night -- but it's left some with a bad taste in their mouth.

Each week the show follows a real-life millionaire who goes undercover in some of America's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, meeting and working with people who are struggling greatly during these troubling times. After living the life of poverty for one week, getting to know the trials and tribulations of the people they interact with, the millionaire comes clean and offers a few select folks and charities a portion of their actual fortune, theoretically changing the lives of these chosen few in an instant.

Sounds like a pretty positive situation, right? Well not everybody feels the same way.

Around the water cooler today, some feel that Secret Millionaire paints an unrealistic picture of those dependent on welfare. Last night's millionaire, Dani Johnson, claims to have been living on welfare at 21 before becoming a self-made millionaire by the time she was 23, sending the message that a life of poverty is easy to get out of and that those who struggle with it day to day for their entire lives are simply incapable.

Others are disappointed that Secret Millionaire puts such a weighted emphasis on monetary windfalls, rather than pointing out how we can all volunteer our time and energy to help those in need. Times are tough across the whole country, and as we all struggle to keep our own heads above water, few of us have a spare ten thousand dollars lying around to donate to others.

Here at DH, we love that this show is putting a much-needed spotlight on charitable organizations we may not have known existed before. We've all heard of Susan G. Komen and the Ronald McDonald House, but how often do we stop to think about those lesser-known charities that carry the same do-good intentions, but lack the publicity to get the donations they need? Secret Millionaire reminds us of that.

Past that, we know that the incredible strife of each and every individual cannot be remedied by one single person. Therefore, we must each do what we can in our own daily lives, and keep hope that those that do benefit from the good of others -- finding themselves suddenly on a different life path thanks to the generosity of other humans -- remember to pay it forward in their future ... one by one, we can get there.

So did Secret Millionaire leave YOU feeling inspired or disappointed? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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