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Tom Hanks' Horoscope

Striking a balance with family and fame

Tom Hanks has the warm and expressive personality of a Cancer Sun and a Leo Moon. His watery Sun sign enriches him with feelings, and his fiery Moon sign gives him the heart, power, and projection to express them creatively.

Tom Hanks is one of the most famous "regular guys" in the world. The back-to-back Oscar winner is a huge star who seems as normal as your next door neighbor. Born July 9, 1956 at 11:17 a.m. in Concord, California, Tom's comfy personality reflects his Cancer Sun, the sign of family, safety and security. Sensitive Cancers know how to reel people in, to engage them in a very intimate way that makes an emotional connection.

The humanity of Cancer is compelling to audiences and oh-so-helpful to the actor's craft. Cancers collect emotions and tell stories with feeling. Meryl Streep, unsurprisingly, is also a Cancer. Tom's Sun sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is vital in any chart, but even stronger for a Cancer, and Tom Hanks' Moon is in Leo, the most dramatic sign of all.

Roaring like an MGM Lion, Leo Moons command rooms with the force of their personalities. Tom's Leo Moon is electrified by a conjunction with Uranus, the lightning bolt planet of shock, surprise and brilliance. This revolutionary planet of uniqueness and invention feeds on the fiery force of Tom's Leo Moon in a creative explosion of talent for all to see. The principles of the Sun and Moon -- identity and emotion -- are vital in all charts, but Tom's are connected through their presence in each other's sign. Tom's Sun is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and his Moon is in Leo, ruled by the Sun. It's called "mutual reception" and represents a positive linking of the Sun and Moon.

Acting is about doing, and the action planet is Mars. This red planet represents action, muscles, methodology and how we apply our will. The Sun is the will, the monarch of the personality, and Mars is the soldier who carries it out. Tom Hanks has a 120-degree angle of easy flow and creativity -- an exact trine -- between his Mars and Sun. His Mars is in Pisces, the most sensitive position for the Warrior planet, but working well with his Sun in Cancer. Both are Water signs, which operate on feelings. Mars in Pisces is a warrior who wears disguises, a chameleon, an actor who easily shape-shifts into a wide range of emotional states. His Cancer Sun hooks into the character's story. Cancer is memory, the river of time, with its endless tales seamlessly delivered by emotionally-athletic Mars in Pisces. Tom's Leo Moon provides the wattage he needs to project his image on the giant screen and -- voila! double Oscar.

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