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What's Your Venus Sign?

Love planet Venus can reveal a lot about your style ... in bed! Find out what your personal Venus sign says about your erotic tendencies now!

Become a Daily Defender of Good Karma

We can’t change the world alone! And thankfully, we don’t have to. People all over the world are joining us every day on a modern mission to infuse the universe with positive energy.

As a Daily Defender of Good Karma, you can help change the world by following a simple Karmic Code of Honor, abiding by the Karmic Laws, and moving through every day with meaning and purpose. It's a serious mission, but even your intentions and small actions can make a big difference.

Becoming a Daily Defender of Good Karma means you support the cause, and you pledge to protect the balance of the universe by thinking, acting and communicating consciously.

If we can be mindful of the influence of the power of language and thought, and work together to reshape the way we communicate, we can protect the universe from negative energy. And creating positive energy is easier than you think!

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32 Comments to "Become a Daily Defender of Good Karma"
The profile picture for Tonya M.Moore.
Tonya M.Moore says:
Mon, 12/20/2010 - 01:53

We cannot change some things, however have the courage to change the things you can!!!!!

The profile picture for Dena.
Dena says:
Wed, 12/15/2010 - 15:05

I think its a great idea to live mindful of what we say and do.

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