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So ... What's the New DH All About?

Meet our top defender of good Karma

We didn't just give DH a sleek new look -- we're on a whole new mission to transform the world. The dynamic life force leading the charge is Jessica Abel, GM and visionary of the Daily Insight Group. We sat down with Abel to ask what inspired this new mission to spread positive energy, how exactly it's going to work, and what new features and insight we'll find on the site. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Jessica Abel:

Q: What are you hoping DH can achieve with its new mission?

A: I'm hoping dailyhoroscope.com can help usher all of us into a new era of more meaningful social interactions. Right now, with the seductive sparkle of texting, tweeting and Facebook updates, we are indulging in the perception of personalization and intimacy. I say "perception" because it's not all that personal when it's put out on the web, airwaves and universe to live forever. It's not all that intimate without the meaningful two minutes of reflection needed to process any real sincere experience.

Don't get me wrong, this area of technology has brought amazing strides in our ability to expedite information and solve worldwide communication gaps. I love it. BUT it's also brought with it a negative, uncensored side effect -- cosmic clutter. Our mission is to help people experience life in a powerful way, and then share it with the universe. The only way we can do that is to reduce the amount of cosmic clutter.

Q: So, how do you define cosmic clutter?

A: Cosmic clutter is the rapidly amassing tidbits, sound bites, images and messages being thrust into the universe without any unbiased reflection, audit, thought or consideration for long-term karmic ramifications. It's sort of the "plastic" of karmic garbage. It's not biodegradable. It will probably outlast many of the more meaningful organic comments or sentiments. Cosmic clutter steals from our mindshare and handicaps us from seeing what is really meaningful or significant. We start to prioritize incorrectly and live moment to moment, only to replace it with the next fleeting moment -- bigger, better, more, more, more. Daily Defenders seek to reduce our karmic footprint and rid the world of cosmic clutter.

Q: What was the inspiration for reinventing DH? Was there an "ah-ha" moment?

A: As far as dailyhoroscope.com goes, it's been brewing for a while. But I will say, I attended a conference in San Francisco last year called Wisdom 2.0, and everyone in the room kept asking the panelists the same question: "How do we keep from letting technology dumb down our priorities, our intentions and our messages?" And everyone seemed so confused. The whole while I wanted to stand up and say "I know how! That's what we do! Someone listen to me!" In fact, each of the Daily Insight Group websites are all based on the premise of taking ancient oracles and tactile experiences and making them as meaningful and powerful on a digital device. Tarot.com has been doing this since 1998 with over 10 million members. Now dailyhoroscope.com will expand the mission further by helping people tackle real life issues, or, karmic dilemmas, as we call them, with the help of astrological perspective!


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TS says:
Mon, 12/06/2010 - 11:27

I'm glad someone is sticking up for karma!

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