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Love Horoscopes for March 2011

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March 2011

March 2011
Love Horoscopes

The romantic winds are shifting

by Jeff Jawer

There's a shift in the winds this month as the love planet Venus enters quirky Aquarius on March 1. The worries about rules, money and success that weighed heavily on partnerships with Venus in the previous sign Capricorn should get lighter. Experimental Aquarius is playful and friendly, making it easier to connect with people from all different backgrounds. Couples benefit by breaking their routines and exploring fresh kinds of fun.

Think of March as a laboratory where we get to try different ways of meeting others and adding spice to our social lives. The urge to push past old limits is also spurred by electric Uranus' entry into pioneer on March 11. This might provoke some reckless behavior that could threaten the stability of relationships, requiring a bit of common sense to keep from going too far.

Communication could be trick this month since verbal Mercury is fired up in impulsive Aries, provoking a tendency to speak without thinking things through. Although this transit could kick up some bright ideas and motivate quiet types to be more talkative, Mercury is slowing down all month before turning retrograde on March 30, which increases the chances for misunderstandings.

On March 4 the New Moon in Pisces kicks off a four-week cycle marked by imagination and fantasy. On the one hand, this is perfect for romantics who seek to escape daily life's dullness with the magic of love. Yet it's tempting to fall for someone who isn't all he or she appears to be when we leave reality behind

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by Emily Trinkaus

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