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Daily Defender #0

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You're a much welcomed addition to our community of Karmic Superheroes who want to save the world from amassing bad Karma and making the same mistakes over and over again.

As an official Daily Defender, it only makes sense to teach you of your natural born karmic super powers.


Based on your birthday... Coupled with your Chinese sign of the Rat, you have the ability to mastermind every detail of a mission. You won't put up with anyone who tries to derail your plans.


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The Mastermind


The number 0.


These gifts will serve you well on your quest for meaning in this world full of tweets, cheats and media noise. Study up on the 10 Karmic Laws of Daily Defenders and how to prevent Cosmic Clutter then come back each day and you could win "Daily Defender of the Month!"

Enhance Your Defender Profile:

If you were born on the cusp, feel free to select the Sun sign that you would prefer to use.