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McDonalds to Hire 50,000! We're Lovin' It

New McJobs are another sign of an improving job market

Bad Karma: Firing people. Good Karma: Hiring People! Here’s one more reason to cheer for McDonald's, and we’re not just talking about the eternal glory of the perfect French fry.

Today McDonald's will hire 50,000 workers to fill much-needed McJobs in its 14,000 restaurants nationwide, and they’ll do it entirely in one day.

McDonald's is calling April 19, 2011 National Hiring Day, and the average pay rate for the new hires will be $8.30 per hour -- about a dollar higher than the federal minimum wage.

McDonald's hiring push may be to benefit its own publicity efforts in part, but the fact is these jobs are much needed in this tough economy. As TIME magazine reports, McDonald's will account for 15 percent of the 300,000 jobs economists say must be created each month to make a significant difference in the unemployment rate.

This is just the latest good Karma move for McDonald's, which the company estimates has employed nearly one in eight workers in the United States at one point -- and whose golden arches are the most universally recognized symbol in the world.

And before you balk about making a career in fast food, know that CNN Money reports some McDonalds restaurant managers can make $50,000 a year.

In addition to McDonalds' good economic Karma, here are 15 facts about McDonalds that will blow your mind.

What do you think, is McDonalds contributing to the world's good Karma? Why?

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2 Comments to "McDonalds to Hire 50,000! We're Lovin' It"
The profile picture for Lynette.
Lynette says:
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 08:54

Sorry, but I am appalled that you are giving McDonald's a forum here, let alone 'good karma'. Any industry that so greatly profits from the suffering of millions - billions? - of animals per year is as far from 'karmically-sound' as you can get. Not to mention that any job-creation McD's undertakes is heavily subsidized by taxpayers, by way of agricultural subsidies. People need jobs, but can we not support the shift towards ethical employers instead of unethical exploiters??

The profile picture for Roseannfarese.
Roseannfarese says:
Mon, 04/04/2011 - 15:03

okay got my answer. I will be there bright and early! at the one in ramsey new Jersey on rt 17 north

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