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A.T. "Tad" Mann is a creative practitioner, teacher, artist and author of the exclusive Mandala Astrology Tarot readings. He received a five-year B.Arch. degree from Cornell University and worked as an award-winning architectural designer for major firms in New York City and Rome, Italy. He lived in England and Denmark for 26 years and now lives in Hudson, NY. ... continued »

‘Fess up: at least once you’ve found yourself home alone, online and -- oops! With one click of a mouse, you’re suddenly (and ever-so-innocently) peering into the profiles of your friends, not-so-friends and even your exes. It’s okay! Don’t feel ashamed. Whether you’re the culprit, or you think someone may be “social stalking” you, learn the various tactics the horoscope signs have to offer. ... continued »

Winter is almost here, and you'll want to seek out some chilly thrills on the go. We've got just the fix for you. Relaxing, inspiring and reenergizing ... weekends away from it all are a great value, so start planning yours today. Here are some spirit-lifting activities and destinations for each horoscope sign. ... continued »

No one is perfect. We all struggle with right and wrong, making mistakes and embarrassing guilty pleasures (any fans of Ke$ha out there?). But it's still important to infuse the world with as much positive energy as we can. The first step? Cutting the cosmic clutter. That's why we've compiled these 10 practical tips you can use to inspire and guide your good intentions every day. To join the ranks of the Daily Defenders of Good Karma, you'll need to try to live up to these rules ... and share them with as many people as possible! ... continued »

Friday, Dec. 3 to Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010: Everybody's working for the weekend, and no one is working harder than the team here at On Sunday, we'll launch our new website alongside the New Moon in Sagittarius, an aspect that promises optimistic new beginnings -- not just for us, but for all of you, too! ... continued »

Monday, Dec. 6: We’re kicking off Monday morning under the stimulus of the optimistic Sagittarius Moon -- an even more delicious daily pick-me-up than those egg-nog lattes we slurp non-stop this time of year. ... continued »

Tuesday, Dec. 7 – While yesterday was all about discarding common sense and reaching for the stars, today it’s time to come back down to earth. That’s certainly not as much fun, but at least we’re more likely to ... continued »

Wednesday, Dec. 8: Emotional much? Are you finding it hard to not tear up as you watch the news of Elizabeth Edwards’ death, or as you catch a note of “Imagine” floating from the radio ... continued »

Thursday, Dec. 9: Did you spend some time bonding with friends, family and sweethearts yesterday? Good. Because today’s detached Aquarius Moon leaves us feeling more disconnected from others. ... continued »

Friday, Dec. 10 through Sunday, Dec. 12: Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but Mercury went retrograde today and we’re in for a bit of a rough weekend. Say it with us: Wah-wahhhhhhhh. Now laugh it off. Let’s stay positive and lick that tricky planet. ... continued »

Monday, Dec. 13: Did you survive the weekend’s messy Mercury Retrograde hijinx? Well, today we advise you stick to the survival mode we suggested (laughter, remember?!), and hold on to your hat because Mercury is joining an exact super-conjunction between Pluto and Mars. What?! ... continued »

Tuesday, Dec. 14: Yesterday’s super-conjunction was intense! Hopefully you were able to avoid conflict and confrontations ... continued »

We didn't just give DH a sleek new look -- we're on a whole new mission to transform the world. The dynamic life force leading the charge is Jessica Abel, GM and visionary of the Daily Insight Group. We sat down with Abel to ask what inspired ... continued »

Wednesday, Dec. 15: You know that saying, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent?" Well, when Eleanor Roosevelt said that in 1937, she was unknowingly dishing up some good advice we can use to tackle obstacles and criticism on this very modern day. ... continued »

Everyone's been asking when the next Mercury Retrograde will come, and here it is ... right at the end of the year! From December 10 to 30, the little planet that can cause huge headaches will be doing its backslide while the rest of us are hauling out the holly and making as much merriment as possible. ... continued »

Thursday, Dec. 16: Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? That’s the order of the day as we strive for more more more and better better better.This is all well and good, but here’s a little reality check: ... continued »

Friday, Dec. 17 to Sunday, Dec. 19: Ho-hum. We’re heading into the weekend with a great big yawn, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it might be a good idea to enjoy Friday’s calm while you can, because the rest of the weekend promises ... continued »

Monday, Dec. 20: Here we go! We’re heading into an exciting week, jam-packed with holidays, vacations and crazy cosmic action. This week alone will see a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini, Winter Solstice, the Sun moving into Capricorn and a little thing we like to call Christmas. All while Mercury remains in retrograde. Yipes! ... continued »

Were you lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the early morning Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini? Well, even if you didn’t see it, you’re still likely to feel its effects today. ... continued »

It’s the first full day of winter and we’re cozying up to a Cancer Moon, unleashing our darling domestic sides to fuss over friends and family and make sure everyone feels loved. Even if it means lying to them. ... continued »

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