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Plants and Garden Tips by Zodiac Sign

Astrology plants the seeds for your sign's perfect garden

by Stephanie Dempsey
gardening tips

Now that spring is here we're all eager to get outside and put our green thumbs to work. If you’re planning a garden, give careful consideration to your Sun sign. It can provide valuable clues about what to plant and how to use your space!

If you’re a sociable Sagittarius, you’ll use it to entertain your friends. In the event you’re a reclusive Pisces, you’ll treat it like a private oasis. Given the widely divergent sensibilities of all twelve horoscope signs, can you really afford to grow a garden without regard to Astrology?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The Aries garden will be filled with plants, flowers, and trees that have red berries, blossoms, and leaves. Holly bushes, geraniums, and maples are good choices for a Ram. Thorn-bearing trees like hawthorns can also light this sign’s fire, as can prickly plants like thistles, nettles, and cacti. Herbs with distinctive fragrances like mustard, rosemary, garlic, and hops are ideal for Aries, which enjoys sharp smells. The paths of this garden should be wide and straight, radiating dynamic energy throughout. Pave these paths with red brick or rough gravel, both of which embody the dynamic energy of this sign. Make sure this garden has a generous space for lawn games like croquet, touch football, and lawn darts.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This garden will be abundant, fragrant, and sprawling. Ideally, the Taurus garden will face southwest, and have a sunken portion that makes you feel close to the earth. Fruit-bearing trees like apple, pear, and figs are associated with the sign of the Bull. So are canopy trees like ash and cypress. Fragrant plants and flowers like roses, lilacs, poppies, and sweet peas are associated with this Venus-ruled garden. If you’d like to plant an herb garden, choose flavorful plants like cloves, sorrel, and spearmint. The Taurus garden should have low, chunky furniture with comfortable cushions for lounging and eating outside. Because the Bull is an enthusiastic gardener, this sign will probably benefit from a shed for storing equipment, plant pots, and seeds.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

The garden belonging to Gemini should face east. The space will be filled with light and air, giving a feeling of spaciousness and infinite possibility. Nut-bearing trees like walnut, hazel, hickory, and pecan are perfect for this sign’s garden, as they symbolize brain power. Herbs like aniseed, caraway, and parsley are beneficial for Gemini, because their soothing properties can calm this sign’s restless nature. Flowers with refreshing scents like lavender and lilies of the valley can trigger Gemini’s vivid imagination. Plants with delicate, lacy fronds like myrtle, maidenhair, and ferns are also associated with the Twins. The Gemini garden should include a comfortable wooden swing where this sign can indulge in flights of fancy.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

The Cancer garden is quiet and contemplative. The focal point of this oasis should be an asymmetrical pond that has curved paths leading to it. Stay away from straight lines and well-trimmed bushes in this garden. Moon Children will benefit more from flowerbeds with natural contours and low-lying foliage, as they mimic this sign’s appreciation for subtlety. Trees with high sap content, like birches, hickories, limes, maples, and walnuts are perfect for this kind of garden. Cancers have a deep appreciation for white flowers, and gravitate to lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, honeysuckle, and hydrangeas. Strong herbs and spices don’t suit this sign’s delicate digestion, so when it comes to these plants, verbena, wild lettuce, and chamomile are good choices. Curved benches placed in shady spots are welcome additions for this reclusive sign.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

The ideal Leo garden faces south, so it will be filled with the life-giving rays of the Sun. Flowers with bright orange and yellow blossoms symbolize this sign’s vibrant energy, so be sure to plant copious amounts of marigolds, sunflowers, and nasturtium here. Don’t worry if this lawn is sprinkled with dandelions; their brilliant blossoms will only fuel Leo’s fire. When it comes to trees, citrus ones are best – limes, lemons, and oranges. If your climate can’t sustain these varieties, try bay and laurel trees. Good herbs and spices to include here are saffron, borage, and ginger, as these are all beneficial to the heart and circulation. Of course, a generous sprinkling of catnip belongs in every Lion’s den. A fire or outdoor stove is the perfect addition to this sign’s garden. If that’s not possible, try surrounding the seating area with tiki torches or strings of fairy lights.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

The garden belonging to Virgo is tidy and structured. It should face west and include a well-trimmed lawn. A wide expanse of green will stimulate this sign’s sharp intellect. Blue and yellow flowers with small blossoms reflect the Virgin’s appreciation for detail. Buttercups, sanvatalia, violets, bluets, and chicory will provide this garden with plenty of visual interest. This sign is a big believer in herbal remedies. Plants like witch hazel, ginseng, and fennel can come in handy for this budding homeopath. Circular flower beds and potted plants greatly appeal to Virgo’s desire to condense and consolidate energy. A circular metal table surrounded by round-backed chairs will invite this sign to sit down and enjoy a civilized pot of tea with a few well-chosen friends.

Libra (Sept.23 - Oct. 22)

The ideal Libra garden should be a place of grace and refinement. Trees and plants with small, delicate leaves are ideal for this place, because they’ll make music when the breeze wafts through them. Lindens, Japanese maples, and mulberry trees are welcome additions to this space, as are sea grasses and deer ferns. Flowers that attract birds, butterflies, and bees are all favorites of Libra. Zinnias, black-eyed Susans, and impatiens are good choices. Plants like milkweed, clematis, and butterfly bushes will also attract beautiful creatures from miles around. As far as herbs are concerned, flowering varieties like sweet violet and dandelion are favored. A graceful statue or shiny gazing ball is the perfect final touch for this garden, as even-handed Libra is attracted to both natural and manmade beauty.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

The garden belonging to Scorpio should face north, so it will be a still, shady oasis. Alder and blackthorn trees are best suited to the Scorpio garden, as these varieties have historically been associated with this sign. Scorpions have a flair for drama, and may enjoy eye-catching plants and flowers like Venus fly traps, Dutch tulips, black barlow irises, and soulman dahlias. The effect will be decidedly Addams family-ish, which is just what Scorpio wants! Clinging vines and trailing plants with long tendrils also appeal to this tenacious sign. Of course, a water feature like a bird bath or fountain is always favored for this sign’s garden. As far as herbs are concerned, basil and stinging nettle have been historically linked with Scorpio. Curved paths with solitary lounging nooks will best serve this sign’s secretive nature.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

The Sagittarian garden is a place for tremendous growth. Tall trees, flowers, and plants abound in this space. Hedges should be cut in straight lines and kept well-trimmed to keep the garden’s energy brisk and energizing. A tall trellis, a picket fence, and a wooden garden gate are also good additions to the Sagittarian garden, as these elements draw the eye upward. Archers are visionaries and want an oasis that evokes endless possibility. Trees with tall, straight trunks like birches, elders, and sycamores are fitting for the Sagittarian gardens. Bamboo, cattail, and Indian grass are all good plants for this kind of oasis. This sign prefers purple flowers like azaleas, anemones, and irises. As far as herbs are concerned, sage and feverfew are appropriate, as these plants are linked with Sagittarius’s extraordinary intellect. Comfortable wooden Adirondack chairs and a long picnic table are essential additions to the Sagittarian garden – this sign loves to eat al fresco with their army of friends.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

The ideal Capricorn garden is formal but comfortable. This ultra-practical sign enjoys putting a certain amount of land aside for vegetables. Traditional flowers like chrysanthemums and poinsettias are also dear to Capricorn’s heart. Goats are the sign of slow growth and stature, which is probably why they love oaks and Japanese white pines so much. A formal patio with covered with flagstones is perfect for Capricorn’s entertaining style. Choose a square table surrounded by four comfortable club chairs, and surround the eating area with tubs of colorful flowers like pansies and African violets. Capricorn rules the skeleton, so herbs like comfrey and Solomon’s seal are good for this sign’s garden, since they promote bone strength.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

The garden belonging to Aquarius has an unusual design. It’s also sparse but beautiful – this sign is a big believer in the concept that “less is more.” Trees with silver leaves like beeches, silver maples, and weeping pear trees greatly appeal to this sign. Aquarians are famous for their unconventional taste, so striking flowers like birds of paradise and orchids. Keep the lines of this garden as fluid as possible, as it will invite this intellectual sign to ponder ideas as they explore its beauty. Lining the paths with round, white pebbles will act like a blank canvas onto which inventive Aquarius can project ideas. Clipped, rounded topiaries are also suited to this sign’s sensibilities, because it is intrigued by interesting shapes. If an Aquarius wants to plant a spice garden, pepper and chili plants would be good choices, as they sharpen the senses.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

The Pisces garden is conducive to daydreaming. There’s no better place to put a well-stocked goldfish pond. Water lilies are often associated with Pisces, and should be planted in profusion in this space. Delicately scented flowers like freesia and lilacs also appeal to this sign. The trailing lines of the weeping willow tree work well in a Pisces garden. Soft, spongy moss will soften any sharp lines that threaten to disrupt the flow of this oasis. Herbs that promote vivid dreams like skullcap and mimosa are appropriate for the Piscean garden. The paths should be meandering and grassy; their surface should make you feel like you’re walking on a soft carpet. Above all, this garden should be sheltered from public view, as its primary function will be to provide the owner with a peaceful retreat from the cold, cruel world.

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