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Friendship Compatibility for Cancer

Learn how Cancer can make the best of friends with each sign

by Staff

Cancers make great friends because you're funny, nurturing, and always ready to make your pals feel like a part of the family. While you don't seek out new friends and experiences very often, your current friends know they can always count on you -- and your cooking -- to make them feel comfortable.


Cancer and Aries

Teaming up with an Aries can be something of a challenge for you, Cancer. Aries acts first and thinks afterward, while you carefully contemplate plans before putting them into action. At times, the Ram's rash behavior will cause you to break out into a cold sweat. Similarly, their blunt remarks can really hurt your feelings. Don't think that you're the only one who has problems with this friendship, though. Aries feels reined in by your cautious behavior. If you really work at it, though, you can draw strength from each other's differences. Let Aries encourage you to assert your ideas more, as your leadership abilities are as strong as theirs. In exchange, you can help the Ram budget their money so they can work less and play more. The two of you may enjoy long-distance running, collecting military memorabilia and tinkering with cars.

Cancer and Taurus

You probably count Taurus as one of your closest friends, Cancer. Taurus understands your need for comfort, security and constancy. Meanwhile, you appreciate the Bull's need for money in the bank, luxury and good food. Nobody is more fun to cook for than Taurus, who savors every bite of your home-baked bread, chicken pie and chocolate mousse. When you're not in the mood to fix dinner, you can always depend on the Bull to recommend a fantastic restaurant. True, you secretly think that Taurus isn't fulfilling their potential, while your pal is convinced that you're way too sensitive. Still, it's easy to overlook these minor differences, especially when you're having fun hiking, coin collecting and gardening.

Cancer and Gemini

You and Gemini don't have much in common, which makes for an interesting friendship. Gemini's upbeat personality adds much-needed sunshine to your life, while your nurturing instincts lend coziness to your pal's world. If you're ever feeling down in the dumps, just give The Twins a call. They'll drag you along to a party, lecture, or movie. Pretty soon, your troubles will seem miles away. Of course, you can return the favor by bringing Gemini a pot of hot chicken soup when they've worn themselves out. This sign also appreciates your hand-knit sweaters and homemade candy. Sure, it drives you nuts when Gemini blabs on their cell phone through dinner, but you have to admit that your pal never complains when you're sobbing your heart over some minor slight. Avoid conflict by engaging in fun activities like canoeing, writing short stories and handwriting analysis.

Cancer and Cancer

Forming a friendship with a fellow Cancer can be absolute bliss. Nobody makes you laugh harder than this goofy sign, whose sense of the absurd resonates deeply with your own. Furthermore, you'll never find another pal whose home is as comfortable or welcoming. You're sure to delight in the Crab's well-upholstered chairs, soft rugs and packed kitchen cupboards. Fixing meals together can be one of your chief delights. Why waste money at a fancy restaurant when you can fix a delicious seven-course meal for just a fraction of the cost? Yes, your pal's occasional temper tantrums may provoke a pinch or two from you. On the other hand, dealing with your insecurities is no picnic, either. For the most part, you delight in each other's company, especially when fishing, shopping for antiques, or decorating your homes.

Cancer and Leo

Leo may be one of your most charming but trying friends. Yes, the Lion is warm, generous, loyal and loving -- traits that you adore. However, this friend is also bossy, self-centered and just a wee bit stubborn. Furthermore, Leo doesn't seem to understand that your leadership abilities are stronger than theirs. When it comes to your positive traits, the Lion celebrates your tenderness, affection, responsibility and intuition. When it comes to taking charge of the situation, though, your pal tries to steal your thunder. Fortunately, you've been blessed with patience. Over time, your pal will see the wisdom of yielding the floor to you when it comes to organizing parties, splitting the dinner check, or coping with the hotel manager. Once you're awarded this power, you'll be happy to yield the spotlight to your glamorous friend. Mutual interests may include ballroom dancing, shopping for furniture and gourmet cooking.

Cancer and Virgo

Virgo is among your favorite friends. You can depend on this pal to get you exactly the birthday gift you want, right down to the desired color and correct size. Furthermore, this is usually the person you call when you need advice on anything from finding a new hairstyle to starting an exercise regimen. Somehow, this pal knows how to render honest opinions without hurting your feelings. Happily, the Virgin appreciates you just as much as you adore them. This sign has a hard time treating themselves well, feeling they don't deserve creature comforts. That's why they smile so brightly when you bring over a carrot cake, cashmere sweater, or spa gift certificate. Yes, Virgo finds you a wee bit too protective, while you think the Virgin is a little neurotic. For the most part, however, you really enjoy each other's company, especially when bike riding, gardening, or doing needlework together.

Cancer and Libra

Making friends with a Libra may be a labor of love for you. For while you adore this sign's charm, wit and sophistication, you have difficulty understanding their motives. That's because Libra has very different needs than yours. You want emotional security, while Libra craves intellectual stimulation. It hurts your feelings when you open your heart to this friend and they change the subject. On the other hand, it irritates Libra when you steer clear of controversial topics like religion or politics. Do you have anything in common? Yes! You're both very creative. While you like working with your hands, Libra prefers playing with concepts. Together, you can collaborate on some very impressive projects. For instance, Libra can design an outfit and you can make it. Your pal can invent a recipe and you can execute it. The two of you might also share an appreciation for romantic music, with plenty of strings.

Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio makes a fulfilling and enjoyable friend for you, Cancer. As Water signs, the two of you are very deep people and like to get beneath the surface of everything from art to politics to philosophy. You'll never engage in casual chitchat with Scorpio. You love this sign's possessiveness, because it makes you feel wanted and needed. Similarly, Scorpio appreciates your nurturing since they often deprive themselves of the things they need most, like good food, comfortable furniture and handy appliances. Sure, this friend is capable of making stinging comments that make you draw back into your shell. On the other hand, your gestures of affection can make reserved Scorpio squirm with embarrassment. For the most part, though, the two of you ignore each other's weak points in the interests of preserving your friendship. Your many common interests may include scuba diving, watching films and trading detective novels.

Cancer and Sagittarius

You want a friend who will stick by you through good times and bad, while Sagittarius can't stay in one place for two minutes at a time. You love familiar environments, while the Archer prefers venturing into unknown territory. You're careful with money, whereas Sag lets it slip through their fingers. Is there any hope for this friendship? Yes, if you treat each other's differences as strengths. For instance, your pal's zest for life can get you to try activities that you'd never otherwise experience. In the same vein, your tender nurturing can help the Archer develop their soft side. Yes, this friend can drive you crazy with their perpetual tardiness, while your moodiness can dampen Sagittarius's sunny disposition. Still, you can learn a great deal from one another, especially engaging in activities like horseback riding, chess and dancing.

Cancer and Capricorn

Capricorn is your astrological opposite, but that doesn't mean that you can't form a fast friendship. Actually, you admire the Goat's refusal to take disappointments personally. Similarly, Capricorn adores your capacity can make anybody feel warm and comfortable. The two of you do share one thing in common: wonderful senses of humor. And although your pal prefers dark sarcasm while you enjoy goofy jokes, you're still able to laugh uproariously at many of the same things. Yes, it drives you crazy when Capricorn treats work as more important than your friendship. On the other hand, though, your pal has a hard time coping with your moodiness. If you can manage to overlook each other's weaknesses, you'll rejoice in each other's company. You probably both share an appreciation for antiques, deep sea fishing and karaoke.

Cancer and Aquarius

Making friends with Aquarius is an interesting business for you, Cancer. You're a traditionalist, while Aquarius is a rebel. You like creature comforts, but the Water-bearer rejects material pleasures. You're emotional, whereas your pal is logical. So how can you keep this friendship alive? By drawing on each other's strengths to compensate for your own weak points. For instance, your Aquarius friend can offer logical solutions to upsetting problems. Similarly, you can teach the Water-bearer the finer points of being a great host, including stocking the larder with delicious food to filling the bathroom with clean towels to outfitting the bed with crisp linens. The two of you may enjoy activities like windsurfing, star-gazing and fixing broken equipment.

Cancer and Pisces

This is a friendship that affords great joy and happiness to you both. You love Pisces's movie collection, while they adore your cooking. You admire the Fish's humanitarian principles, while they admire your financial sense. You delight in Pisces's imagination, while they relish your sense of humor. This mutual appreciation society is only bolstered by your many common interests, including swimming, dream interpretation and poetry. Are there any sore spots between you? Well, yes. Pisces's flakiness can hurt your feelings, especially when your pal forgets an appointment, anniversary, or birthday. On the other hand, the Fish sometimes feels that your mothering borders on smothering. If you can manage to forgive each other's weaknesses, you'll form a strong bond that will last for a lifetime.

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