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Chinese Zodiac Signs of the Rich and Famous

What do the stars' animal signs reveal?

by Staff

Jennifer Aniston is a vivacious Monkey, Robert Downey, Jr. is an intelligent Snake, and George Clooney is a strong-willed Ox. See what their animal signs reveal about their personalities and career choices.

Prince Harry, the determined Rat

Tireless, determined, and well-spoken, the sign of the Rat can easily move in political circles -- like Prince Harry, who attended a prestigious military academy, and joined the Army Air Corps which sent him on a tour in Afghanistan. Rats are also known to adapt easily to new environments, a skill that Prince Harry uses in his duties as a member of the royal family. Coincidentally, his father, Prince Charles, is also a Rat!

George Clooney, the strong-willed Ox

As the most balanced but also strongest-willed sign of all Chinese horoscope signs, George balances his classic good looks with a strong work ethic. He may be a Hollywood dreamboat on screen, but behind the camera he's also a determined activist, channeling the Ox's steadiness to get his politically-charged projects off the ground. Stubborn and opinionated, George enjoys another typical Ox trait: unshakable devotion to his personal beliefs.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the dynamic Tiger

Leonardo's performance as Jack in the box office smash Titanic was one of the most Tiger roles he could've taken on! After all, Tigers are great fighters, philosophers, and lovers -- but they suffer a lot of personal angst as well. This has been true for Leonardo, whose fame turned him into a party boy-about-town. Critics have suggested that he settle down, but Tigers crave living on the edge!

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Brad Pitt, the virtuous Rabbit

Out of all the signs, a Rabbit is the most natural performer -- this may be because it's the zodiac sign that's best at putting others at ease while dealing with secret inner turmoil. These characteristics make Brad one of the most subtle and talented actors working in Hollywood today. Whether he's playing the legendary Achilles or a heartthrob, you can't help but feel there's so much more bubbling under the surface!

Martin Luther King, Jr., the regal Dragon

Since Dragons are unwavering about their personal beliefs, it's no wonder that one of the U.S.'s most important civil rights leaders could claim this as his Chinese Zodiac sign. This regal, idealistic sign is motivated by improving life for all mankind, which is why the reverend was able to step away from a segregated culture and bravely speak of a more perfect society.

Robert Downey, Jr., the intelligent Snake

Snakes are known for being sly, but in Chinese Astrology, they are respected for their intelligence and emotional depth, which explains actor Robert Downey, Jr.'s range as an actor. And although Robert has made some decidedly un-intelligent choices in the past, his Snake-like intuition allowed him to plot a path back to sobriety and an even more established career in film.

Jennifer Lawrence, the charismatic Horse

True to Horse form, Jennifer has a witty sense of humor and loves taking center stage -- consider her booming career in Hollywood! Unfortunately, her zodiac sign's passion for the spotlight has led to a typical Horse downfall: foggy judgment when it comes to what projects to embrace and what to turn down. Even Jennifer's staunchest fans might question some of her professional choices. Still, Horses are focused on beauty and accomplishment, and this shows through in Jennifer's dynamic personality.

Will Ferrell, the comedic Goat

Will Ferrell's Goat qualities make him the ultimate comedian: he seems like the mellow everyman, but this is disarming -- his Chinese horoscope sign's flexibility allows him to play innocent roles (as in Elf) or cocky ones (Anchorman) and still get the laughs! At the same time, the Goat's natural sensitivity and loving nature has made Will a respectable dramatic actor.

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Jennifer Aniston, the vivacious Monkey

This vivacious actress has true Monkey energy -- adventurous, playful and always youthful! And true to her Monkey zodiac sign, Jennifer seems to need a variety of diverse projects to hold her interest: from famous "Friend" to indie film princess, she explores many different roles to satisfy her own personal curiosity. And even off the screen, Jennifer's personal relationships are central in her life -- after all, the Monkey is one of the most lovable signs in the Chinese Zodiac!

Britney Spears, the resilient Rooster

Britney's had a few very Rooster years! Although this popular zodiac sign can appear proud on the outside, on the inside, it can be full of fear and worries. Roosters also crave respect and can be hypercritical of themselves -- no wonder poor Britney had to take a couple years off to collect herself! Ultimately, Roosters want the chance to shine and to enjoy their success in the public eye. They are success-driven and tend to come out on top.

Tina Fey, the disquiet Dog

Playing by her own set of rules has catapulted Tina from behind-the-scenes TV writer to one of the most celebrated entertainers in America -- how very Dog of her! After all, this is the zodiac sign that prizes playing by the rules and has a steady sense of fairness. This is also a sign that can be rather pessimistic (think of her worry-wart character Liz Lemon on TV's 30 Rock), but that just makes Tina the premier political comedienne of our time!

Winona Ryder, the smart Pig

This stunning actress is far from resembling her Chinese sign physically, but her attitude is all Pig: whether she's playing a patient in a mental health unit or a grief-stricken divorced mother, Winona has established herself as an earnest, diligent actress. Pigs are also known for keeping their cool when things go wrong, which describes Winona's approach to personal stumbling blocks she experienced in the past.

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