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Karma and Laws of Attraction Explained

Learn how to manifest love in your life!

by Staff
couple in love

Have you noticed how some people always seem to catch lucky breaks in love, while others catch only unlucky break-ups? Let's talk karma: You get what you give, and when it comes to love, the best way to ensure you love what you get is to follow some simple Karmic love laws of attraction. 

Karma is a fairly simple concept based on the consequence of actions. It's the cosmic principle that past behavior (both in this life and in past lives) will be reflected in what you receive in the future. Good actions and intentions will result in good karma, and, vice versa, bad actions will lead to bad karma. Simple, right? Not so fast!

Are you sabotaging your love life?

Karma is a little more complicated when it comes to matters of the heart (what isn't, right?!). Love is such a complex, passionate and all-consuming emotion that it turns people on their heads. And if we're not careful, it's possible we might accidentally create bad love karma without even knowing it.

There are some bad karma no-brainers, of course: Lying, cheating or any kind of abuse will obviously not lead to good love Karma. But did you know that even if you believe your romantic actions and intentions are positive, still the smallest negative thoughts or feelings of guilt, jealousy or resentment could be sabotaging your love life?

It may be too late to control any of the bad-karma-inducing acts from your past, but you can move forward from here with more awareness and take some simple steps to attract good Karma and a happier love life.

Here are some hot tips for attracting good love karma...

Pay attention

Showing affection, doing nice things for your partner, complimenting each other and being polite, kind and compassionate are obvious steps to good love karma. But sometimes we can get so wrapped up in ourselves we forget the small kindnesses that make a big difference in the long run. Pay attention!

Behave maturely

This means no temper tantrums, people! Good communication in relationships will help cut through negative feelings that could lead to arguments, jealousy, resentment or selfish behavior. Even the best of us can act like children when we're really upset, so try to talk openly with your partner -- and more importantly, listen! Mature behavior will attract the same and lead to good love karma.

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Forgive past hurts

Feelings of anger or resentment directed toward someone who did you wrong can backfire and take a toll on your own love karma. Such negative feelings have energy, and that energy can follow you around like a cloud repelling anything positive you might hope to attract. Learning to be understanding and forgiving is key to attracting love.

Use insight tools

Timing is everything when it comes to love, and there's no better use for Astrology, Numerology or Tarot cards to find out the best times to take action. Insight tools can help you make the right choices at the right time and attract love into your life!

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Control your temper

Because love is so passionate, lovers quarrels can get very heated. If you find yourself upset to the point of wanting to yell or say hurtful things, slow down and shut your mouth until you regain control of your emotions. Take a walk around the block, cool down and come back to the conversation when you're ready to communicate calmly and reach a compromise with your partner.

Think positively

Anyone who's read "The Secret" can tell you about the power of thought -- both positive and negative. Think bad thoughts, and bad things happen. For example, if you keep thinking "He's probably going to break up with me," eventually he probably will. To attract the positive, you must think about the positive and practice thought blocking when negative thoughts come up. The more positive your spin your thoughts, the more positive love karma you'll attract.

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