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Friendship Compatibility for Leo

Learn how Leos can make the best of friends with each sign

by Staff

As passionate, generous, and creative beings, Leos are in high demand as friends! You're loyal and open-minded -- people are naturally drawn to you and many are just happy to bask in your reflected light. But remember, you need to let your friends share some of the attention sometimes, too. Being patient, kind, and keeping your bossiness in check will really help you build the friendships you want in the long run.


Leo and Aries

When two Fire signs form a friendship, you can be sure the bond will be warm and affectionate. That's especially true with upbeat Aries, who is extremely appreciative of your passion for life. Food tastes better, jokes seem funnier and colors look brighter when you're together. You sometimes blanch at this sign's brutal honesty, while Aries grows impatient with your pussyfooting. Power struggles could also ensue, since you like to get the royal treatment, while Aries likes to be first in all things. Still, the two of you have too much fun to let such differences undermine your friendship. You're both quite athletic and may enjoy contact sports like basketball, football and soccer. Rock music and cars could also be topics of endless fascination for you.

Leo and Taurus

Although the two of you have very different styles, you actually have quite a bit in common with Taurus. For one thing, you both love luxury. For another, each of you is extremely loyal. And finally, the two of you crave affection! Of course, the Bull is as stubborn as a mule and will insist on French food when you're craving tapas. You have to admit, though, that it must be hard for Taurus to yield the spotlight to you, even on their birthday! If you guys can manage to look past each other's weaknesses, you can have a lovely time together. Secretly, you wish you had your friend's gift for saving money, while Taurus yearns for your fashion sense. Together, you may enjoy golf, shopping and eating at fine restaurants.

Leo and Gemini

Bubbly Gemini makes a great friend for you. This sign's eternal youth only fuels your playful spirit. In fact, you become so childlike in each other's presence that a food fight is likely to break out at your table. Of course, after the peas stop flying, Gemini will clean up the mess between fitful giggles, while you wipe the tears from your eyes with a linen table napkin. (You're far too regal to get down on the floor, but appreciate your pal's willingness to tidy things up.) Yes, Gemini will tire of your grand manner, while you'll roll your eyes at your pal's inability to focus. For the most part, though, you're willing to overlook these minor annoyances. The two of you probably have lots of common interests, including racquetball, chess and sculpting.

Leo and Cancer

Sometimes being friends with moody Cancer can pose something of a challenge to you. This pal's capacity to brood is simply incomprehensible to someone with your sunny outlook. However, you're remarkably good at overlooking your pals' weak points and Cancer is no exception to this rule. You have to admit, it is flattering when the Crab fixes your favorite foods every time you come over. It's also nice the way your friend insists you look beautiful, even on your worst hair days. In return, you give Cancer the unconditional love they've craved since childhood. Sure, the two of you will have your misunderstandings, but fortunately, you're both view friendship as more important than petty squabbles. The two of you might like activities like swimming, shopping for antiques, or oil painting.

Leo and Leo

If you've ever despaired of finding someone who truly appreciates you, make friends with another Leo. The full extent of your beauty, grace, charm and humor will be immediately apparent to a fellow Lion. In return, you'll be blown away by how talented, funny and gorgeous your newfound pal is. Within hours of meeting, the two of you will be exchanging affectionate hugs, inside jokes and extravagant compliments. Yes, your Leo pal will try your patience with their egoism -- it's perfectly clear to you that your problems are more important than theirs. Similarly, your friend might accuse you of hogging the mirror when it comes time to get ready for dinner. If you can tolerate each other's outrageous selfishness, you'll enjoy a loving friendship that's as true as steel. Naturally, you share many interests, including film, painting and contacts sports.

Leo and Virgo

Most people bristle at Virgo's fastidious behavior, but you kind of like it. After all, it's nice to have someone brush fluff from your collar and arrange your hair in the interests of making a perfect appearance. This pal would never let you talk the night away with spinach on your teeth. Furthermore, the Virgin understands that you're the star of the show and doesn't have any problem yielding the spotlight to you. In return, you bolster your pal's fragile ego with effusive compliments about their intelligence, efficiency and practicality. Are there any downsides to this friendship? Well, Virgo's neuroses can drive an easy-going character like you up the wall. Similarly, your fits of temper seem utterly tacky to the etiquette-driven Virgin. Still, you have lots of fun bike riding, knitting and gardening together.

Leo and Libra

Even a glamour puss like you can't help but admire Libra's subtle grace. This friend has a certain je ne sais quoi that is utterly captivating. Furthermore, Libra's taste in art is impeccable -- this is the first friend you go to for movie, book and music recommendations. This admiration isn't one-sided, though. Libra loves the way you live life to the fullest and enjoys accompanying you while you tour the mall or party circuit. Of course, it's a little hard to put up with this pal's indecisiveness. You don't have the time or inclination to wait for Libra to choose between the red outfit and the blue one -- you'd just buy both and be done with it. What you may not realize is that Libra quietly seethes whenever you snap your fingers at the waiter or toss your coat at the hat check girl. Still, you both enjoy each other for the most part, especially when golfing, partying, or listening to music.

Leo and Scorpio

Well, one thing is for sure: this promises to be a very intense friendship! You and Scorpio are the two most passionate signs in the zodiac. There's no such thing as a light-hearted debate as far as you guys are concerned. Neither one of you will let up until your opponent is reduced to rubble. This is precisely while you're drawn to Scorpio ... nobody offers more stimulating -- or rigorous -- conversation. Your Scorpion pal is also drawn to your warmth and vibrancy, which helps them from giving way to their darker impulses. You can't understand this friend's mania for privacy, while Scorpio is puzzled by your love of the spotlight. Still, you probably share a passion for many hobbies, including wine tasting, painting and film.

Leo and Sagittarius

Your affection for your Sagittarius friend runs deeper than most and that's saying a lot! While you hold all your pals in high esteem, the Archer earns extra points with you, thanks to their friendliness, enthusiasm and humor. Nobody makes you laugh harder than this irrepressible pal. You also make Sagittarius laugh with your uncanny impersonations, catty remarks and absurd jokes. Each of you also gives gifts that the other does not possess. You give Sagittarius much needed guidance about practical matters like money, while the Archer helps you to open your mind to new possibilities and unfamiliar concepts. Yes, it drives you crazy that your pal is never on time, while Sagittarius can't stand your imperial manner. Still, these are things you are willing to overlook, especially when traveling, partying, or playing football.

Leo and Capricorn

You can't help but admire Capricorn's air of authority, despite the fact that everyone knows that you're the King (or Queen) of the Castle. This friend makes waiters snap to attention, bureaucrats push through paperwork and police officers close their ticket books. Yes, there may be power struggles involved in this friendship. You like to be the head honcho in any relationship, but the sure-footed Goat actually trumps your leadership skills. If you can let Capricorn wield power from behind-the-scenes, they'll give you center stage at all times. Yes, the Goat's pessimism drives you to distraction, while your egoism tries Capricorn's patience. Still, you have lots of fun with activities like cross-country skiing, reading historical biographies and clay modeling.

Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius is your astrological opposite, which makes for an interesting friendship. You seek everyone's love and admiration, while Aquarius doesn't care less what people think. You're warm and effusive and the Water-bearer is detached and reserved. You're emotional, whereas your pal is analytical. Are there any similarities between you? Thankfully, yes! You're both extremely loyal. You'd never cancel an appointment with Aquarius for the sake of a hot date and the Water-bearer won't spread gossip about you to jealous rivals. True, you don't know what Aquarius is talking about half the time -- your pal likes to think in abstractions. Similarly, the Water-bearer won't have the slightest idea of what you mean when referring to your thousands of grooming products. The two of you don't have many passions in common, but may share an interest in tennis, hot air ballooning, or exotic animals.

Leo and Pisces

Shy Pisces brings out your protective nature. You love bolstering this sign's fragile ego with extravagant compliments and thoughtful gifts ... nobody appreciates your generosity more than this friend. Happily, the Fish is able to give as well as receive. Your pal is always ready with a sympathetic ear, box of tissues, or hot cup of tea. Are there any roadblocks to this friendship? Well, you are pretty possessive of your friends, which makes free-spirited Pisces a bit uncomfortable. On the other side of things, Pisces is notoriously absent-minded and can drive you nuts with little oversights like mismatched shoes, missing keys and forgotten wallets. Still, you share many interests in common, including painting, dance and film.

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