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Friendship Compatibility for Sagittarius

Learn how Sagittarius can make the best of friends with each sign

by Staff

You are an exciting friend to have, Sagittarius! You are always ready for new adventures, and your open communication makes you easy to get along with. People love your optimistic outlook, and find that exciting things happen when you're around. That said, sometimes your friends find you unreliable and a little tactless, so be careful.


Sagittarius and Aries

Aries makes a great playmate for you, Sagittarius. The two of you have boundless energy and a mutual love of fun. Nobody throws a more raucous party than the rollicking Ram! You adore this friend's spontaneity, while Aries enjoys your sense of humor. Both of you are extremely active, too and may enjoy exercising together, whether at the gym or on the sports field. Are there any rough spots to this friendship? Well, you're not exactly fond of the Ram's bossy behavior. On the other hand, Aries isn't crazy about your perpetual lateness. If you're willing to overlook each other's shortcomings, this will be an extremely strong bond. You share many interests, including archery, action movies and basketball.

Sagittarius and Taurus

You're able to make friends with virtually anyone, Sagittarius, but being pals with Taurus can be something of a challenge. The two of you have very different needs and wants. For instance, you want to explore the world, while the Bull wants to stick to familiar places. You couldn't care less about material goods, while Taurus is passionate about their possessions. You're extremely flexible, whereas your pal is notoriously stubborn. Is there anything you have in common? Yes: a love of the outdoors. Meeting in lush meadows, snowy parks, or blooming gardens makes all of your differences melt into thin air. Nobody enjoys a picnic more than you two. The two of you might also enjoy playing darts and watching funny movies together.

Sagittarius and Gemini

Gemini is your astrological opposite, but this is one of those cases in which your differences actually complement each other. Your pal knows a little about everything, while you have mastery over one or two subjects. Happily, Gemini loves to pick your brain about your areas of expertise and you welcome any bits of trivia your pal has to offer. Both of you are extremely sociable and enjoy melting into one another's social circles. Yes, it drives you crazy when Gemini keeps blabbing on their cell phone while you're trying to meditate. Similarly, your pal finds it difficult to tolerate your blunt remarks. For the most part, however, you love spending time together and may enjoy activities like ping pong, creative writing and travel.

Sagittarius and Cancer

You're a whirlwind of activity and Cancer is something of a human snail. You like exploring unfamiliar vistas, whereas the Crab clings to home like a barnacle. You're brutally honest and your pal is terribly sensitive. Is there any hope for this friendship? Yes, especially if you keep the food coming! Both of you love to eat and may enjoy sampling restaurants near and far. It's a good bet that Cancer's a great chef, too. Never pass up a chance to enjoy the Crab's home-cooked meals. This sign is happiest when feeding you vast amounts of comfort food. While you're busy gobbling meatloaf, mashed potatoes and creamed corn, Cancer will keep you entertained with a patter of goofy jokes. Pretty soon, the two of you will be laughing uproariously, wondering why you ever found fault with each other. Activities like canoeing, chess and pottery might be mutual interests.

Sagittarius and Leo

You and Leo are apt to form a mutual admiration society within moments of meeting each other. You adore the Lion's warm generosity, while this sign delights in your sunny attitude. Both of you brim with energy and probably have a mutual passion for sports. Travel is yet another bond between you. Are there any pitfalls to this friendship? A few. Sagittarius is terribly impractical, which doesn't sit well with your common-sense ways. On the other hand, you're extremely possessive, which rubs the free-wheeling Archer the wrong way. If you can accept the fact that Sagittarius will rarely remember their wallet, your pal will try to include you in all their activities. You two can have lots of fun dancing at nightclubs, acting in plays and journeying to exotic lands.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Forming a friendship with Virgo is something of a challenge for you. After all, you're always looking at the big picture, while the Virgin is constantly focusing on the little details. You're totally laid back, while your pal is a trifle uptight. You're free-wheeling, whereas Virgo is cautious. Do you have anything in common? Yes: a love of honesty. Virgo is one of the few friends who will appreciate it when you point out that they've gained a few pounds. Similarly, you don't mind a bit when the Virgin says that your latest book could use extensive editing. You're both extremely intelligent, too and enjoy discussing books, politics and celebrity gossip. If you can ease Virgo's anxieties, your pal will balance your checkbook. Not a bad deal!

Sagittarius and Libra

Fun-loving Libra is a great companion for you, Sagittarius. After all, the two of you enjoy so many of the same things: festive parties, stimulating conversation and -- above all --- justice! The two of you never tire of talking over the latest courtroom dramas. You can always depend on Libra to listen to your side of the story before jumping to conclusions. Similarly, your pal knows that you would never go behind their back, even to spare their feelings. You'd much rather deliver disappointing news than engage in a deception. Are there any rough waters involved in this relationship? Yes. For one thing, your lack of tact can make Libra wince with embarrassment. For another, Libra's indecisiveness makes you want to scream. Other than that, you guys can have tons of fun playing tennis, taking trips and listening to music.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

This is an intriguing friendship, to say the least. Your life is an open book, while Scorpio's is a locked diary. You're always skipping down the sunny side of the street, whereas Scorpio is constantly lurking in the shadows. You see the world as friendly, while Scorpio views it as hostile. Is there any hope for the two of you? Yes. It lies in your mutual respect for each other. You appreciate it when your pal tells you to steer clear of a certain accountant who plays fast and loose with the books and Scorpio is thankful when you introduce them to a fabulous restaurant where they can see the chefs preparing their food. Yes, Scorpio's jealousy gets on your nerves, while your sieve-like memory drives your friend bats. Still, you may share a passion for swimming, muscle cars, or detective fiction.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Teaming up with a fellow Sag is an utter delight. It's such a relief to know someone who shares your love of adventure. You won't hear any dire warnings about terrorism from an Archer when you book your flight to the Middle East. In fact, you're more likely to get someone with whom to share the hotel fare once you reveal your travel plans to this pal. The two of you are also suckers for animals and won't mind a bit camping out on the other's fur-covered sofa. (You probably spend a lot of evenings over at each other's houses, mostly because you end up talking into the wee hours whenever you get together.) And while it's true that neither one of you likes to apologize, you'll probably be able to mend your quarrels by exchanging goofy grins. Naturally, you share lots of interests, like horseback riding, camping and politics.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

You and Capricorn make a strange pair of friends, mostly because your outlooks are so different. You're an eternal optimist and the Goat takes a darker view of life. You couldn't care less about material things, while Capricorn draws comfort from their possessions. You like to experiment, whereas Capricorn sticks to tried-and-true methods. That being said, you have a lot to learn from each other. Capricorn can show you how to capitalize on your considerable talents -- you have to admit, it would be nice to earn money by doing something you love. Similarly, you can introduce Capricorn to interests they'd never otherwise explore. True, you can grow weary of this sign's bossiness, while your pal gets tired of loaning you money. Instead of focusing on each other's idiosyncrasies, focus on things you both enjoy, like cross country skiing, book collecting and chess.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Very few friendships are as satisfying as the one you share with Aquarius. This sign is sociable, adventurous and philosophical. Both of you adore meeting new people, exploring unfamiliar territory and discussing the meaning of life. Jealousy doesn't enter into this relationship, either. You admire the Water-bearer's mastery of quantum physics, while your pal is impressed by your flawless French. Granted, this pal's stubborn behavior can make you crazy -- you can't understand their insistence on wearing their lucky mittens in the middle of summer, no matter how hard you try. Similarly, Aquarius has a hard time with your fickle tastes. Still, it's easy to ignore each other's shortcomings when you have so many common interests. Badminton, basketball and charity work can bring you both pleasure.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Maintaining a friendship with Pisces can be something of a challenge. This friend is looking for a support system, while you cherish your independence. Pisces starts to cry at the first hint of unpleasantness and you're brutally honest. The Fish prefers to sit still and dream, while you want to keep moving. Can you find any common ground? Yes. For one thing, you're both very spiritual people. Discussing issues like philosophy and religion can create a real bond between you. For another, the two of you are extremely open-minded and appreciate each other's willingness to suspend judgment for the sake of learning something new. True, this sign's intense mood swings can drive you to distraction, while your flightiness can prove alienating to Pisces. Your best bet for preserving this friendship is to engage in mutual interests like swimming, poetry and dance.

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