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Are you guilty of logging on to your laptop right before you go to sleep? Do you take your smartphone to bed with you and cling to it like a two-year-old with a Teddy Bear? Well then, you should know ... continued »

We refer to this daily Astrology advice column as the “Daily Buzz,” and today that title is more accurate than ever! We are positively buzzing with mental activity as Mercury meets up with shocking Uranus and then moves into energetic Aries at 9:47 a.m. (PST). ... continued »

After the intense eclipse period we've recently been through, the February 3 Aquarius New Moon is a breath of fresh air! Your hard work or sacrifices are about to pay off, as the Sun and Moon join motivational Mars in the most progressive sign of the zodiac -- sparking breakthroughs and freedom.  ... continued »

At the March 4 New Moon, we plunge into what aboriginal people call the "Dreamtime." As the Sun and Moon join four other planets in the mystical, watery sign of Pisces, we are enveloped in an otherworldly mist -- and have the conviction that dreams can come true. ... continued »

The Full Moon in Leo is usually a time of exuberant self-expression. Yet this February 18 lunation joins mystical Neptune and healer Chiron -- bringing an otherworldly element into the mix, and muting Leo’s dynamism. ... continued »

Thursday is the new Saturday. Ok, we just made that up. But you should still try and take the day off so you won’t miss all the fun times Venus, Jupiter and the Taurus Moon have planned for you. ... continued »

This week, Gallup-Healthway posted its results for its 2010 Well-Being Index rating system, which rated the well-being, or "the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous" of all 50 states from highest to lowest. And the big winner? Ding ding ding: Hawaii!  ... continued »

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This CNN newsstory certainly proves as much, and makes us wonder about taking your revenge out on a cheating partner -- sure, a little harmless revenge may be sugary sweet, but is it bad for your karma?  ... continued »

Here we go! All month long we’ve been keeping an eye on this day, when Uranus joins Jupiter in Aries and accelerates the pace of social and personal change we’ve been seeing in recent months. ... continued »

Sad but true: People in India are being conned by "fake astrologers" in exchange for money. And even sadder, these astrologers are becoming connected with tantriks -- practitioners known for their beliefs of possession, sacrifice and sexual misconduct.   ... continued »

Every day, you have thousands of seconds in which to do with as you choose. Gratitude only takes a second, so why don't we do it more often? ... continued »

Feeling tired, run down and exhausted lately? Alternative healing methods might help solve your problems of being overworked or having emotional distress. ... continued »

As authorities investigate Tuesday’s sudden death of former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr to determine the cause, we’ve decided to do some investigating of our own into Starr’s birth chart. ... continued »

Contrary to much of what is being said in the media today, expert astrologers are not all pointing a finger at next week’s “Super Moon” to explain the March 11 earthquake in Japan. No, our expert astrologers can point to other cosmic clues that may have contributed to the magnitude 8.9 earthquake ... continued »

Sirus took a bullet to save his family and their baby. Effie got help for a 94-year-old man who was unconscious and bleeding in his driveway. Yogi (pictured left) ran and barked furiously to find help for his owner, paralyzed in a mountain bike accident.Meet some of America’s most courageous canines. ... continued »

You weren’t planning to slack off this weekend, were you? Because we’re still in “expect the unexpected” mode and some edgy energy from the cosmos has other plans for you. Stay alert. ... continued »

Was your weekend stressful? We hope not, but it is difficult to stay upbeat when faced with startling global events that cause such human suffering. ... continued »

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought... "Man, I wish I could just date myself." Well, now you can. Sort of. is a new social networking site slated to go live next week, where online daters will be ... continued »

Okay, what's it going to take to stop the madness? A study released late last year shows over 16,000 human beings have lost their lives in just six years due to something that is absolutely, 100% avoidable ... continued »

BIG BAM BOOM!! That’s not just an '80s Hall & Oates record, friends. It’s also the cosmic soundtrack of the day as emotional fireworks explode beneath a Leo Moon that’s more dramatic than John Oates’ mustache. ... continued »

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