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Get more organized and clear the path ahead and you'll be amazed at how many new gifts will appear in your life! ... continued »

While some are helping starving children and bringing animals back to life, others are forcing sexual favors and victimizing young innocents -- get a rundown of this week's karmic headlines ... new and improved: now Charlie Sheen-free! ... continued »

In one of the biggest celebrity breakups of 2011 (so far) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel officially confirmed their split this week after months of rumors that their relationship had taken a turn for the worse. ... continued »

Some of us are risk-takers by nature, and some of us play it safe. But on a day like today, we’re all going to be tempted to bet on the underdog and hope for a win. That’s because we’re feeling lucky, and it’s got more to do with Jupiter than little green leprechauns. ... continued »

With all that's happening in the world right now, and the amount of support rushing in toward Japan, it's pretty overwhelming to witness such disaster on one hand -- and such a sense of mankind on the other. ... continued »

Just yesterday the news broke that a "Super Moon" was predicted to cause major natural disasters. And just this morning massive earthquakes and a tsunami ravaged Japan causing immense damage -- the full effect of which is still being determined. ... continued »

It was just months ago that the world was up in arms regarding the myth that everyone's horoscope signs were changing due to the ever-shifting tilt of the earth. The rumor spread like wildfire thanks to ... continued »

Ever buy a couch from a complete stranger, land a job and find an apartment, all in the same place? You can thank Craig Newmark, the man who took the Internet by storm over 10 years ago with Craigslist and thus changed the way the world communicates. Now, Craig is ... continued »

Are you feeling kind of fuzzy and cranky today? It might be hard to tell if that’s due to your St. Paddy’s hangover or Mercury’s opposition to Saturn. Either way, that’s a cosmic combination that calls for Tylenol. ... continued »

The air will be electric with excitement this St. Patrick's Day, as Uranus shifts from low-key Pisces to energetic Aries. A whole host of surprises awaits every member of the Celtic zodiac. Be ready to try something new around this holiday. Big risks pay off handsomely, especially with the luck of the Irish behind you. ... continued »

Oh Blarney, what are we supposed to do with a practical Virgo Moon on St. Patrick’s Day? What’s practical about a holiday associated with drinking, loosey goosey leprechauns and trying not to get pinched? Let’s look further into this. ... continued »

March 20 marks the Spring Equinox and the beginning of a new astrological cycle. We're off to a strong start with Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun all in fiery go-getter Aries, and we can expect to see some dramatic changes ahead. Look to your horoscope sign for more clues about what lies ahead for Spring 2011: ... continued »

Our good Karma mission here at DH extends to the animal kingdom, and this week we’ve got some heartwarming and heartbreaking highlights to share. Among the pets making headlines this week were some very good squirrels and one very bad one, the return of a missing monkey, a devastating story about the murder of three wild horses in Oregon and a plea to ... continued »

Spring starts in a romantic mood as amorous Venus joins magical Neptune and then enters spiritual Pisces on March 26. The following four weeks are filled with imagination and fantasies that inspire love. Tender feelings make us more vulnerable but also open hearts. ... continued »

Spring can be the best time of year to fall in love or to rekindle an existing relationship. Often, romance happens quickly during the excitement of this season of rebirth. However, this year the speed of change and intensity of relationship dynamics are off the map. ... continued »

The music world is saddened today with the loss of one of hip hop's most beloved collaborators. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, aka Nate Dogg, passed away at the young age of 41. The cause is unknown at this point, although he suffered two strokes in '97-'98, one of which left him partly paralyzed. ... continued »

While there's no "right" way to handle a natural disaster, the Earthquake in Japan has pointed out the vast differences in how cultures handle themselves and their country during times of distress. Journalists and bloggers are quickly noticing how "cool and calm" the Japanese are acting ... continued »

Here’s a bright idea: It’s officially spring, so let’s power into the first full day of the Astrological New Year with an energetic attitude and an open mind -- we’re going to need it as we adapt to all the coming change.  ... continued »

Saddle up, cosmic cowboys and cowgirls. This weekend is going to be a wild ride, with an Extreme Super Moon, Spring Equinox and the Sun galloping into Aries to signal the start of a brand new astrological cycle ... continued »

Mercury is making news this week, as NASA’s Messenger spacecraft probe prepares to enter the messenger planet’s orbit for the first time on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve also got an even better chance of catching a glimpse of Mercury than we do of seeing a leprechaun ... continued »

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