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General Weekly Horoscope

February 24, 2020 - You'll enjoy plenty of support on Monday to help you re-energize a relationship that has become all work and no play. The Sun in gentle Pisces will be at a perfect angle to Mars in workaholic Capricorn, and you can expect you or your lover to give in a little and spend more time focused on romance. On Tuesday, Mercury Retrograde will be exactly conjunct the Sun in Pisces, supporting an "a-ha!" moment of clarity behind any confusion you might feel. Then, on Friday, matters of the heart might pinch a nerve. Venus in passionate Aries will square off with Pluto, the planet of intensity. There's a frustrating urgency to this energy where you or your lover will want immediate gratification. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way. Instead of taking an all or nothing approach, try some patience ... and definitely let go of control issues. Get your Daily Horoscope delivered to your inbox for FREE. Sign up now!

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