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Weekly Love Horoscope

April 11, 2021 - With love planet Venus making a sexy link to Mars in chatty Gemini on Tuesday, you can look forward to sizzling romantic communication between you and another person. If you're in a relationship, then any words spoken on this day will be a major turn-on. If you're single, you will have no trouble flirting with someone in an easygoing, lighthearted way that creates an instant connection. There might be some trouble turning your objectives into anything real on Friday. Mars crashes into Neptune, creating a muddled path that will make it hard to get anything accomplished other than daydreaming. However, love gets right back on track on Saturday thanks to a gorgeous alignment between Venus and Jupiter. The more you give love courageously, the greater the reward now. On Sunday, a New Moon in Aries reminds you that your needs and desires in love DO matter. But with Venus squaring Pluto on the same day, it will be tricky to get those needs met without coming across as controlling. Be gentle. Get your Daily Horoscope delivered to your inbox for FREE. Sign up now!

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