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March 29, 2020 - A feisty New Moon in Aries on Tuesday may not seem like a relationship-supporting event at first. Aries is typically all about the self and not very interested in accommodating others. People-pleasing and compromise are certainly not its style. So, how can this lunation work for you in matters of the heart? Simple, actually. This New Moon will give you the courage to go after your heart's desire and to stop at nothing to ensure you get what you want. It can also bring a real beginning stage to a romantic scenario for some, the start of something very good. The ruler of this New Moon, Mars, makes a strong conjunction to potent Pluto. That means no one can refuse your advances now, and it also means that passions will run high this week for everyone! Making it a more blissful week is the fact that Venus will be in perfect harmony with both Jupiter and Pluto on Saturday. This is stabilizing luck and empowerment in love because Venus is in steadfast Taurus while Jupiter and Pluto are in pragmatic Capricorn. Beautiful! Get your Daily Horoscope delivered to your inbox for FREE. Sign up now!

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