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Weekly Love Horoscope

May 27, 2023 - Desire is illuminated for us early in the week, but by the week's end, duty calls. Still, we should have plenty of time to play with our lover or love interest. The Sun in Gemini sextiles Mars in Leo on Monday, allowing us to take action toward whatever or whomever we want! Then, Venus in Cancer will make a friendly link to Uranus on Friday. This can be just the thing we need to shake us up and get us out of our comfort zones to enjoy a romantic romp that reminds us how glorious life can be! A sudden love connection is possible -- if we decide to make a radical move in our love lives, it'll probably go well. By Sunday, however, everything gets serious as the Sun squares off with Saturn. We might have to put our desires back on ice and get to work on something tedious, but necessary. Fortunately, once that's crossed off our list, we should feel so much better. Get your Daily Horoscope delivered to your inbox for FREE. Sign up now!

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