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March 1, 2024 - Heightened imagination, sensitivity, and intuition are our trio of guides this March. A New Moon on March 10 in gentle Pisces will be closely linked to its ruler, inspirational Neptune. As a result, there are increased benefits to setting something in motion that requires great faith and creative inspiration. Venus enters Pisces on March 11, which will bring a beautiful romantic sensibility to matters of the heart. We're more interested in connecting with someone with whom we share a soul-deep link -- and less interested in dates or relationships with someone who doesn't share spiritual values with us in some way. On the other hand, we'll need to be mindful of who we allow into our lives after March 22, when Mars enters Pisces. We may feel psychically invaded if we spend too much time in someone's presence who is only with us for their own selfish needs. On a positive note, the universe is inspiring us to recognize this and move on, taking action to achieve personal goals on our own. Then, we'll end the month with a potent Lunar Eclipse in partnership-oriented Libra on March 25. This eclipse could bring a powerful transition in a current relationship or friendship. It will remind us of the beauty inherent in trustworthy connections with loved ones. Get your Daily Horoscope delivered to your inbox for FREE. Sign up now!

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